Cattle for Sale by 2 F Ranch

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Premium Show Mix Shorthorns Sell Out
Oasis Acres 12 hd.
Simmental and Brahman Sale
Advantage Cattle 10 hd.
WD Cattle Co. 28 hd.
WD Cattle Co. 26 hd.
Douglas Cattle Co. 24 hd.
Douglas Cattle Co. 26 hd.
Clements cattle bull sale.
Clements show calves 99 hd.
SSS Summer Bull Sale
Sippi Show Stock 24 hd.
SSS Summer Heifer Sale
Sippi Show Stock 12 hd.
TWT Ranch Legacy Donor Sale
TWT Ranch 14 hd.
Shorthorn Clearance
Herbertvale 56 hd.
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