Cattle for Sale by Indian Summer Acres

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Featured Sales
Donor and Production Sale
Crazy Feeders 22 hd.
Bi-Weekly Sale
Wolverine 30 hd.
Production Sale
HayMan 16 hd.
Rex Ranch 14 hd.
Production Sale
TLP Ranch 23 hd.
Production Sale
Bottoms Up 27 hd.
Brahman heifers
UC E R Purebreds 45 hd.
G F Production/Prospect Sale
GrassFarmer 13 hd.
Production Sale
Xtreme 16 hd.
Production Sale
CrazyCow 11 hd.
Recip Sale
HayMan 25 hd.
Herbertvale Shorthorn Stud Sale
Herbertvale 10 hd.
Red angus heifer sale
UC E R Purebreds 37 hd.
Volume Sellers