Cattle for Sale by Jones Simmental

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Brahman heifer sale
UC E R Purebreds 22 hd.
K S F 14.9 Mature Bull Sale
Karl Stock Farm 20 hd.
Xtreme Production Sale
Xtreme 12 hd.
~S2F~ Thanksgiving Production Sale
Sharp Family Farms 14 hd.
~S2F~ Thanksgiving Show Heifer Sale
Sharp Family Farms 11 hd.
Donor and Production Sale
Crazy Feeders 22 hd.
Bi-Weekly Sale
Wolverine 30 hd.
Production Sale
HayMan 16 hd.
Rex Ranch 14 hd.
Production Sale
TLP Ranch 23 hd.
Production Sale
Bottoms Up 27 hd.
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