DHR Jan18 16079741

62.5000% Angus
37.50% Brahman
Color: Black
Born: 1/9/2018
Age: 374d / 12m
Sex: Female
Weight: 1,294 lbs.
Horns: Polled
ID: 16079741
Registered: Brangus
Status: Open Female
Last Calf: 3/4/2018
Owner: Showcattle.Com Auction Company
Breeder: Duke Heaven Ranch
Ration: Tears of Cry Babies
BW: 88
WW: 332
Calves: 1

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General Traits
Topline Hindquarter Frame Size Eye Appeal Condition
5.5 6.3 6.0 8.1 5.8

Pedigree of DHR Jan18 16079741
DHR Ridiculous No.13596062
DHR Brill No.14826255
DHR Jan18 No.14367553
DHR Jun25 No.15163172
DHR Breakin Hot No.12903689
DHR Mar16 No.14662335
DHR Feb7 No.14471281
Generation 88
DHR Terrain No.13600228
DHR Jealous No.15081450
DHR Feb15 No.14509704
DHR Sept21 No.15588868
DHR Day Done Right No.13596063
DHR Feb22 No.14544357
DHR Aug21 No.13676538
Detailed Traits
Topline 5.5
Hindquarter 7.0
Stifle 3.3
Frame Size 6.0
Bone 8.5
Capacity 8.0
Shoulders/Front Legs 8.5
Hind Legs 8.4
Extension 7.4
Over Ribs 5.8
Tailhead 0.5
Brisket 0.5
Show Stats
Points: 0
Breed Wins: 0
Earnings: $0

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