RSR Miss Hot Spot 6G0

0.8289% Angus
0.06% Charolais
0.45% Hereford
12.02% Limousin
5.72% Maine-Anjou
0.10% Shorthorn
80.82% Simmental
Color: Black Blaze Faced
Born: 3/3/2017
Age: 807d / 26m
Sex: Female
Weight: 2,351 lbs.
Horns: Horned
ID: 14592388
Registered: Simmental
Status: Open Female
Last Calf: 1/13/2018
Owner: Showcattle.Com Auction Company
Breeder: RSR/E Ranch
Ration: Grassfarmer
BW: 102
WW: 409
Calves: 34

Check for Embryos
General Traits
Topline Hindquarter Frame Size Eye Appeal Condition
11.1 9.8 6.7 10.6 10.0

Pedigree of RSR Miss Hot Spot 6G0
RSR Overload 2S0b
RSR Breaker 3K1
RSR Miss Fashion 2W0
RSR Hot Spot 4H2b
RSR Second Fiddle 3A9
RSR Miss Second Fiddle 3S4
RSR Miss All Out 3B1
Generation 92
RSR The Natural 1M2
RSR Sheriff 2H5
RSR Miss Bluffing 1U0
RSR Miss Sheriff 3G2
RSR Wild Card 1R6
RSR Miss Wild 2H7
RSR Miss Navigator 0V5
Detailed Traits
Topline 11.1
Hindquarter 10.4
Stifle 7.7
Frame Size 6.7
Bone 13.6
Capacity 16.1
Shoulders/Front Legs 7.3
Hind Legs 7.4
Extension 12.5
Over Ribs 10.0
Tailhead 0.5
Brisket 10.0
Show Stats
Points: 5
Breed Wins: 0
Earnings: $0

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