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Author Topic : price for feaders
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why has the price of feeder cattle got so high in the last few months
i dont understand since the price the packer pays hasnt got any bigger so why has the buy price got so high we are at 900-1000 $ per head cost with a payout of only 1300 - 1450$
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Basic economics. Supply and demand. If you want feeders that you can't supply yourself, you then pay for them what the market will bear. I see feeders on here for 400 to 600 each all the time. I'm not sure where you are coming up with 900 to 1000. Feeder heifers? People have found a market for greens north of 1500 for the right ones, so that may be what you are seeing.
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High Framed heifers have a different market than feeders do. Because you can retain the heifers for future breeding of more High Frames and make more money. And they are also retained for use as "greens"(recips).

Feeder bulls/steers can't. Their destination is market only. Most feeder bulls/steers are sold for $400-600 between 0-4 days old.

Replies in this thread : 2

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