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Author Topic : Call Vet for Lost Pregnancies
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So pretty much everyone I've talked to has HUGE losses of calves at birthing time, (over and above the 5% loss of failure rate) Someone was saying its around 19%-20% of calves for them! (unless you are doing embryo's then you get dead calves that are living? strangely enough)

Personally with this HUGE loss at birthing time of calves, it would make sense to me, to have a "pay Vet Call button"

Obviously it wouldn't be free, but in RL if you had a cow with problems, you could call the vet, or step in yourself to help the cow along.

So it only makes sense to have a "Call Vet" button on the cow that is having problems, for a say... 80% chance of saving the lost calf?

(you would get a problem calving message for each cow when you log in, and then would have to go directly to that cows page to click the Call Vet button.)

Or more simply pay a Daily fee to have a Vet on call to have an 80% chance of saving calves that are having trouble birthing.

What would you like to see?
Call Vet for Lost Pregnancies
Pay to have a Vet On Call (higher cost) for all your cows 31.30%
Leave it as it is 52.67%
Call vet button on individual cows (lower cost) 16.03%
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I agree, THanks for this
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I'm not saying that this is the issue that you are having but Birth Weight is a factor in calf deaths. The higher the difference in BW between the bull and cow increases the chances of dead calves.

When people started breeding HF Gelbs years ago they bred their BW's down to around 70lb to minimize deaths, not sure if HF breeders still pay attention to it these days or not.

Edited to say I didn't notice this was an old post that was dragged up.

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I can understand the want for something like this, but I don't have anywhere near a 20% loss. Currently, I'm losing 3%-7% of my calves. High frame, low BW.

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