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Can I make a basic account to get my hands on starter short horn etc? Or does that go against the rules?
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Trial Account
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Trial Account
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As a general rule, I would say that you could create a new account to either go with a family subscription or a new premium user account. Then you could pass the starter cattle on to anther account for the fair market price (the kill price). However, it seems to me that passing anything from a basic account to a premium account will cause you a problem.

That is just my opinion. Any assets passed between accounts could result in an embarrassing fine at any time. The admin has told us in the passed that he can crack down on passing assets between accounts at any time, without warning. As a general rule, if you are passing assets at the fair market price, you won't have a problem. When in doubt send the staff (contact us button above) a message explaining your transaction and you will probably be fine. Though you won't get a response confirming that you are in the clear.

BUT, PLEASE UNDERSTAND CREATING A BASIC ACCOUNT TO GET ASSETS TO A PREMIUM ACCOUNT WILL LIKELY GET YOU IN A BAD SITUATION. If you plan to do it, pay the $4.95 and make the account premium for at least one month.

Also, know this: any time a premium account goes basic, the response is unpredictable. Sometimes the system fines you for interacting with a premium account just because a credit card didn't process correctly or something.

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