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Name Breed Sex Points
BANG Arachne Red Angus Female 320
BANG Semele Angus Female 252
BANG Orpheus Angus Bull 206
PS Wrong Record Red Angus Female 192
BANG Briseis Angus Female 130
BANG Niobe Red Angus Female 115
BANG Meleager Angus Bull 110
PS Shelby Homecoming Red Angus Female 108
BANG Actaeus Angus Bull 85
Terre May19 18392642 Angus Female 60
BANG Orithyia Red Angus Bull 55
BANG Hector of Troy Angus Bull 45
BANG Hecamede Angus Female 40
BANG Pandion Angus Bull 40
BANG Andromache Red Angus Female 35
BANG Batea Angus Female 25
BANG Omphale Angus Female 25
BANG Lupa Red Angus Female 15
BANG Rhoeo Red Angus Female 0

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