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Bar CF Money Farms began in February of 2016. We started off breeding fullblood "old fashioned" Simmentals until July of 2016 when we started the transition into the Brahmans that we still run today. In September of 2016 we had a complete dispersal of FB Simmentals and used the sale funds to grow our Brah herd and begin our E.T. program. Using specific cull lines and the best genetics we could find we slowly grew our herd from the 58's at 40 days up to the 65's that we have now. In January of 2017 we went on a quest to find the best brindle Brahmans we could find. Using the same diligence as our Brahs, we grew our newest herd to the best in the game. In the mean time we are still using the best Brahman genetics we can get our hands on to achieve our goal of having the best Brahman herd in the game.

Best CF$ Brahman Bull
14.5, 14.5, 4.4, 11.4, 9.9, 9.8
Out of our own CF$ PEAK PERFOMANCE 64.1 and CF$ HEARTBREAK 63.0

Best CF$ Brahman Donor
14.8, 14.6, 4.0, 11.4, 10.2, 9.7
Out of our own CF$ PP GREAT WHITE 64.3 and CF$ BW BEE STING 64.3

Thank you for taking the time to look at our ranch. If you have any questions, buisness inquiries, or a new member we are always willing to help so dont be afraid to message!

Colton, Bar CF Money Farms

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Name Breed Sex Points
CF$ JP LINDSEY 62.7 Brahman Female 2,273
CF$ JP JUMP MAN 62.3 Brahman Bull 2,113
CF$ JP BLAIRE 62.9 Brahman Female 1,982
CF$ PP VALENTINE 63.3 Brahman Female 1,939
CF$ BD VICTORIA 64.4 Brahman Female 1,526
CF$ SC JAGUAR 62.9 Brahman Bull 1,377
CF$ GW TIGGER 63.8 Brahman Bull 1,376
CF$ PC PUN 62.7 Brahman Bull 1,369
CF$ GW IVORY BEAUTY 64.7 Brahman Female 1,211
CF$ SC JEWEL 63.4 Brahman Female 1,025
CF$ SC CATEYA 64.4 Brahman Female 802
CF$ DP SLOWGIRL 63.0 Brahman Bull 684
CF$ BD VEGAN 63.9 Brahman Female 681
CF$ JP GRAPE 62.7 Brahman Female 633
CF$ GW HEARTBREAK 64.4 Brahman Female 585
CF$ JP BUDDY 62.8 Brahman Bull 549
CF$ SC PRETZEL 63.1 Brahman Bull 513
CF$ DP OTUNGA 63.3 Brahman Female 505
CF$ GW SHEILA 63.4 Brahman Female 450
CF$ PP EMMY 63.2 Brahman Female 423
CF$ LO KEY CHARM 64.0 Brahman Bull 319
CF$ BD ROSETTA 64.0 Brahman Female 218
CF$ DP OLIVIA 63.8 Brahman Female 200
CF$ DP STINGER 64.4 Brahman Bull 133
CF$ GW STINGER 63.9 Brahman Female 125
CF$ GW TALULA 64.1 Brahman Female 100
CF$ SC GOLDY 63.2 Brahman Female 80
CF$ DP DELILAH 62.4 Brahman Female 60
CF$ DP STELLA 62.9 Brahman Female 25


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Sale 85 Offer
GREENS 1 Offer

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None Available.

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