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Welcome to Beefed UP Farms. We strive to raise high quality cattle. Currently we are breeding Maine Anjou, Pinzgauer and British Crosses. Let us know if we can meet any of your needs.We are small enouph to know you, yet big enouph to serve you.

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Name Breed Sex Points
BUF08 Wild Ride Shorthorn Female 1,099
BUF08 Preme Ride British Cross Female 950
BUF 09 BAYOU COWBOY British Cross Bull 570
BUF09 Cowgirl Troy American Cross Female 525
BUF08Yellow Glanzer Pinzgauer Female 419
BUF09 CHROME BOSS American Cross Bull 358
BUF09 STAR LEGACY American Cross Bull 345
BUF09 HORIZONTAL CHEESE British Cross Bull 147
BUF09 Trail Cheese British Cross Female 103
BUF09 OUTLAW Pinzgauer Bull 88
BUF09 REDD CARPET Pinzgauer Bull 78
BUF09 RED TURNUP American Cross Bull 69
BUF09 UPPER HAND British Cross Bull 63
BUF09 Red Paint Pinzgauer Female 55
BUF09 Black Night Pinzgauer Female 53
BUF09 JOYOUS Braford Bull 40
BUF09 REDRUM Shorthorn Bull 40
BUF09 Burnt Boss American Cross Female 38
BUF09 ROCKABARB Santa Gertrudis Bull 36
BUF09 BAR YELLA Pinzgauer Bull 30
BUF09 PHANTOM HAND Shorthorn Bull 30
BUF09 BONE HORSE Maine Anjou Bull 30
BUF09 SUPER PHANTOM British Cross Bull 25
BUF10 Chrome Boss American Cross Female 25
BUF09 SUPER EAGLE British Cross Bull 23
BUF09 Squad Boss American Cross Female 23
BUF09 PRETTY JOYFUL Braford Bull 20
BUF09 SUPER ZAC British Cross Bull 20
BUF09 Super Joy Braford Female 20
BUF09 Yella Corevette European Cross Female 20
BUF09 RED SWEATER Pinzgauer Bull 20
BUF09 REDD MANN Pinzgauer Bull 20
BUF09 Bossy Wife American Cross Female 10
BUF09 Cheese Ride British Cross Female 10
BUF09 Smoke Speck Pinzgauer Female 10
BUF09 LOUD MIKE Shorthorn Bull 5
BUF09 Harrietta British Cross Female 5

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BUF07 AVENGER 14.0 18 $100
BUF09 LATTE 14.1 22 $200
G F BC Blue Cheese 749 13 $100

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
Tent American Nights 73.7 WARR Far From Royal 76.0 3 $250
BUF03 Sun Shot G F MA Master Blaster 806 2 $500
JR Apr17 14811589 G F PZ Liquid Asset 462 4 $250
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Signed Up: 1/12/2017
Account Level: Standard
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Oklahoma State #1
American Cross Bulls #1
American Cross Females #1
British Cross Bulls #1
British Cross Females #3
Braford Females #3
Pinzgauer Bulls #3
Pinzgauer Females #3
Shorthorn Females #3
Santa Gertrudis Bulls #4
Brahmaine Bulls #4
Brahmaine Females #4
Braford Bulls #5
Santa Gertrudis Females #6
Simmental Females #11
Charolais Bulls #13
Maine Anjou Females #14
Shorthorn Bulls #16
European Cross Bulls #17
Overall Bulls #17
Simmental Bulls #19
Overall #23
Overall Females #25
Angus Bulls #25
Maine Anjou Bulls #27
European Cross Females #32
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