Beefed UP Farms

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Welcome to Beefed UP Farms. We strive to raise high quality cattle. Currently we are breeding Maine Anjou, Pinzgauer and British Crosses. Let us know if we can meet any of your needs.We are small enouph to know you, yet big enouph to serve you.

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Name Breed Sex Points
BUF08 GELBAY WARR Gelbray Bull 810
BUF09 CHESTER MAID Brahmousin Bull 469
BUF09 YAMA TRAIL Charolais Bull 441
BUF09 SIX BANKS Charbray Bull 424
BUF08 CALCULATED BOZ Braford Bull 419
BUF09 LONE RADAR Braford Bull 371
BUF09 HALF BAKED Beefmaster Bull 348
BUF10 Bank Lights Charbray Female 280
BUF08 NEW PET Balancer Bull 278
BUF10 KLEAN TAKE Santa Gertrudis Bull 275
BUF10 Baked Brown Beefmaster Female 256
BUF10 LONE NUT Braford Bull 215
BUF08 EFFICIANT WOOD Balancer Bull 198
BUF09 TRUMP STORM Beefmaster Bull 116
BUF08 CARAMEL SHEETS Santa Gertrudis Bull 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BUF11 BEAR PAWS 18 $250
G F BC Blue Cheese 749 11 $100

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Signed Up: 1/12/2017
Account Level: Family
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Current Rankings
Gelbray Bulls #1
American Cross Bulls #2
Balancer Bulls #2
Braford Bulls #2
Charbray Bulls #2
Charbray Females #2
Brahmousin Bulls #3
Beefmaster Bulls #3
Beefmaster Females #3
Santa Gertrudis Bulls #4
Oklahoma State #4
Charolais Bulls #8
Overall Bulls #20
Overall #53
Overall Females #90
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