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HF Simmis and Grey Simmis
Chianina: working on a little something with them just to see where I can get.

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Chianina Females #1
Balancer Females #2
Chianina Bulls #2
Charolais Bulls #6
Kansas State #8

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Name Breed Sex Points
•BR• BA Pauley Shore Balancer Bull 1,146
•BR• CHI Pieta 7.1 Chianina Bull 590
•BR• AN Storm Rhodes 68.1 Angus Bull 379
•BR• BA Red Sea Balancer Bull 311
•BR• BA Red Quill Balancer Female 188
•BR• BA Quill Red Balancer Female 100
•BR• CHI The Rockies 8.2 Chianina Female 80
•BR• BA Belfast Red Balancer Bull 0
•BR• CHI Shifting Gears Chianina Bull 0
•BR• CHI Kicking Down Barriers Chianina Female 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
•BR• BA Pauley Shore 2 $200
•BR• CHI Yukon Gold 7.4 4 $200
BAF- WHITE KNIGHT 14.0 7 $100

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Balancer Bulls #2
Balancer Females #5
Chianina Bulls #6
Chianina Females #8
Kansas State #9
Angus Bulls #9
Overall Bulls #43
Overall #74
Overall Females #113
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