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Welcome to The Big W Ranch. Here at the Big W innovation and quality is my focus. I am currently invested in producing quality Crossbred steers that can compete in the show ring, while still devoting time to my other breeds as well. I have spent time with many breeds and will always dabble in those markets to improve my crossbred project. However, Angus and Maine Anjou cattle have been the foundation of this ranch since it’s inception. If you notice I keep my herd relatively small. This is to ensure top quality animals and for manageable growth. I am always looking to buy or sell if the price is right and it can help improve my herd or yours. If you have any other questions feel free to email me. Special thanks to Harvey Cattle Co., Pine Trails Ranch, and Queensview Farms for helping my herd production and improving quality.

Ring of Honor
~BW~ Bankin Blue6291 Born: 5/16/2015 Show Results: 13 Breed Wins, 739 points, 1 Grand Champion.
~BW~ MoneyRain 1025 Born: 5/21/2015 Show Results: 8 Breed Wins, 984 points.

~BW~ Showtime Sunday 16259314 Born: 2/17/18 Show Results: 5 Breed Wins, 780 points.

~BW~ Royal Gold 1171 Born: 2/11/18 Show Results: 9 Breed Wins, 723 Points.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
~BW~ Sky Shell 16851004 Chianina Female 155
~BW~ Keep Away 16876974 Angus Female 123
~BW~ Stretched Out 16903902 Angus Female 115
~BW~ Adora Jailbird 16917013 Maine Anjou Female 70
~BW~ Power Play 1723 Angus Bull 65
~BW~ Puzzled Expert 7012 Maine Anjou Steer 25
~BW~ Double Knockout 16944474 Angus Steer 15
~BW~ Prime Burrito 16944475 European Cross Steer 15
~BW~ Wild Force Angus Steer 0
~BW~ Rum Runner 16967956 Angus Steer 0
~BW~ Rival Rider 16967959 Hereford Steer 0


Pen Name Cattle Options
Heifers 5 Offer

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
Cocoa Vindicator 13.5 6 $15
FRF 14117089 74.9 2 $30

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
General Info
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Oregon State #1
Chianina Females #8
Angus Steers #13
AOB Steers #16
Hereford Steers #18
Maine Anjou Steers #20
Angus Females #26
Maine Anjou Females #29
Angus Bulls #31
Overall Steers #53
Overall Females #97
Overall #110
Overall Bulls #131
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