Blue Collar Receps

Originally California Show Cattle
Years of experience and pefect maiting
Raising Brahmousine for the future

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Name Breed Sex Points
BCR™ Fleetwood 2002ET Brahmousin Female 1,458
BCR™ Whispering Oaks 6648ET Brahmousin Female 1,271
BCR™ Wild Wings 3868ET Brahmousin Female 951
BCR™ Golden Girl 3486ET Brahmousin Female 706
BCR™ Spring Chicken 3519ET Brahmousin Female 495
BCR™ Broken Road 4251ET Brahmousin Female 490
BCR™ Blood Sport 3879ET Brahmousin Female 436
BCR™ 16524249 SS Brahmousin Steer 391
BCR™ Glamour Girl 3473ET Brahmousin Female 353
BCR™ Silent Race 4060ET Brahmousin Female 330
BCR™ 16524252 SS Brahmousin Steer 282
BCR™ Captain Hook 5086ET Brahmousin Bull 254
BCR™ Stinky Rose 3435ET Brahmousin Female 170
BCR™ Sky High 4256ET Brahmousin Female 170

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None Available.

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None Available.
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