Bouncy Bovine

Here at Bouncy Bovine, we strive to create quality limousin and limousin crosses.
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Name Breed Sex Points
AMU LM GEN Twisted 0367 67.3 Limousin Bull 313
B*B Chief Blackhawk Limousin Bull 243
B*B Gussied Up Limousin Bull 130
B*B AwesomeSauce Limousin Female 110
B*B Twisted Shaker Limousin Bull 50
B*B Twisted Lady Limousin Female 45
B*B 10.0LM Twist Miss Saint Limousin Female 10
B*B Audacious Limousin Female 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
AMU LM NTR Jubilation 67.1 2 $45
BBR Captain Kirk 25 $175
BBR Spock 50 $150
BBR USS Enterprise 25 $150
Oz Thunderfire 15 $200

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
B*B Shake It Off K- Fireball 59.4 3 $4,500
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California State #4
Limousin Bulls #4
Limousin Females #8
Overall Bulls #55
Overall #90
Overall Females #114
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