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Those of us in the show cattle industry know that it ripe with fads, trends and fashions that change with the seasons. It is teeming with weekend warriors spending small fortunes for the sake of the fleeting, ephemeral feeling of victory. It is laden with those who will stop at nothing for a blue ribbon, a purple rosette, a trophy or a jackpot.
At Cattle Co. Inc. we know that it's not about ribbons and trophies that will only collect high upon our shelves and gather dust. Because, we don't measure success in terms of rosettes, but rather in flesh and blood.
Cattle Co. Inc. was not built upon a whim, a popular bull or an assortment of clippers, blow dryers and product. Cattle Co. Inc. was built on a solid foundation that became a stepping stone. And as more stones where laid they paved the way to a strong future and onward.
We do not turn our back on tradition, but rather groom it, grow it and show it.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
CCI Preacher Man C2 Chianina Bull 1,583
CCI The New Black D51 Chianina Female 1,404
CCI Ophelia A76 Chianina Female 1,183
CCI Sweet Surrender C6923 Chianina Bull 1,114
CCI ItCouldRainForever E51 Chianina Female 1,088
CCI Paradise City B62 Chianina Bull 1,068
CCI Dahlia B62 Chianina Female 945
CCI Gone West B66 Chianina Female 893
CCI Pearl A79 Chianina Female 875
CCI Cutthroat Chianina Bull 791
CCI Cecilia B76 Chianina Female 541
CCI Sporting Sermon D54 Chianina Female 490
CCI California Dreaming C57 Chianina Bull 447
CCI Latin King Chianina Bull 401
CCI Spilled Blood C60 Chianina Female 315
CCI Determined D51 Chianina Bull 260
CCI Special Effects A82 Chianina Female 250
CCI Just A Star C62 Chianina Female 210
CCI Just A Show Off Chianina Bull 190
CCI Attention Seeking C49 Chianina Female 90
CCI Pearl Studded Revolver B79 Chianina Female 80
CCI Maserati (red) C58 Chianina Female 45
CCI Jackie O C66 Chianina Female 20

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
CCI Butter Ball 15 $250

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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