Terminal Steer Show Winners

November 30th 2014
December 15th 2014
January 15th 2016

February 2015 - #2 Overall Ranch
#2 Overall Steers
#1 Overall Market Heifers
#1 Overall Ranch in Iowa

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Name Breed Sex Points
DBA Dark Double 15 Belgian Blue Bull 1,214
DBA Golden Hog Belgian Blue Female 727
DBA Cap in the Tropics Belgian Blue Bull 722
DBA Shameful Cap Belgian Blue Female 595
REX Oct18 17341599 Red Angus Steer 491
DBA Crying Bango Belgian Blue Female 420
DBA Tropical King Belgian Blue Bull 418
REX FLOOD 1025R Red Angus Steer 413
DBA Tropical Tut Belgian Blue Bull 403
DBA Crabby Bunny Belgian Blue Female 391
REX Oct18 17341130 Angus Steer 385
REX SS SECRET 1025R Red Angus Steer 379
REX Oct18 17341315 Angus Steer 360
DBA Shot of Gold Belgian Blue Bull 352
REX SS FLOOD 1029R Red Angus Steer 284
DBA Cutting Right Belgian Blue Female 263
REX SS ICE 1021A Angus Steer 257
DBA Crying Intentions Belgian Blue Bull 251
DBA Crying Gold Medals Belgian Blue Female 244
DBA Tropical Queen Tut Belgian Blue Female 220
REX SS FLOOD 1025A Angus Steer 206
REX SS ICE 1022A Angus Steer 154
DBA Tropical Red Cap Belgian Blue Female 150
DBA Star Burst Belgian Blue Female 118
REX SS WILLIE 1101A Angus Steer 118
REX SS ICE 1018A Angus Steer 108
REX SS NIKE 1025A Angus Steer 103
DBA Star Cutter Belgian Blue Female 100
REX SS POWER 1019A Angus Steer 90
REX SS POWER 1017A Angus Steer 65
DBA White Star Belgian Blue Bull 60
DBA Crying Star Belgian Blue Bull 55
REX SS NIKE 1018A Angus Steer 50
DBA Tropical Gold Belgian Blue Female 50
DBA Banging Cutter Belgian Blue Female 45
REX SS FLOOD 1108R Red Angus Steer 40
DBA American White Rock Belgian Blue Female 35
REX SS WILLIE 1103R Red Angus Steer 35
DBA Star Thrower Belgian Blue Bull 30
REX SS RIMTOP 1021A Angus Steer 20
DBA Prime Star Belgian Blue Female 20
REX SS POWER 1020A Angus Steer 15
REX RIMTOP 1126R Red Angus Steer 15
REX SS NIKE 1017A Angus Steer 10

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