Terminal Steer Show Winners

November 30th 2014
December 15th 2014
January 15th 2016

February 2015 - #2 Overall Ranch
#2 Overall Steers
#1 Overall Market Heifers
#1 Overall Ranch in Iowa

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
DBA Stretch the Cat Belgian Blue Female 1,327
DBA Big Chip Maker Belgian Blue Female 995
DBA Big Hurt Belgian Blue Bull 911
DBA Big Elly Train Belgian Blue Bull 453
DBA Shelling Kate Belgian Blue Female 413
DBA Feed Me Chips Belgian Blue Bull 353
DBA Ellys Darkness Belgian Blue Female 350
DBA Big Bopper Belgian Blue Bull 276
DBA Big Cake Chips Belgian Blue Bull 270
DBA Chips All In Belgian Blue Bull 203
DBA Turtle Maker Belgian Blue Female 193
DBA Ellys Muscles Belgian Blue Female 168
DBA Money Shuffler Belgian Blue Female 165
DBA Feed the Muscles Belgian Blue Bull 75
DBA Chip Bux Belgian Blue Female 65
DBA Big Bux Belgian Blue Female 45
DBA Ellys Show Steer Belgian Blue Steer 5

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Belgian Blue Bulls #2
Belgian Blue Females #4
Iowa State #5
AOB Steers #15
Overall Bulls #41
Overall Females #51
Overall #53
Overall Steers #78
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