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High Bone Braford.

I'm always looking for High bone
If you want something out of our herd let us know.

My Brafords are Fed PSM unless stated otherwise.

Brafords are a mix between 5/8 Hereford and 3/8 Brahman which will make a great mixture and produce a great tasting meat. Braford's date back to 1947 and where created by Alto Adams Jr. In St Lucie County Florida and have became one of my favorite breeds. Averaging at 2,200lbs Brafords can bring a good market price in the game and in real life. they have a calm temperament which make them easier to handle.

I am striving to produce the highest quality Brafords I can I am working alongside Red River Show Cattle to get the Braford Breed going so if you are interested in helping with the breed let either of us know.i have just started operating Brafords in the simulation and do not have the top notch herd but I would still be glad to help anyone wanting to get into the breed.

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If you want embryos or semen feel free to shoot me a message as I'm always willing to sell.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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BLB Gold Church 15.0 46 $25

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AMU LM BS Lady 8548 LJF Urban Sooth 69.3 9 $250
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