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Welcome To Desert Cattle Co. We more than likely have any breed you want and if we don't I can make it happen. If you are interested in buying anything send me a message with price and which animal you want. I will have a bit of leeway for new users only. If not give me a reasonable price, no exceptions. If you want some semen from one of my bulls let me know and I will put some up for sale, $15 minimum.
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Name Breed Sex Points
Bar M Knee Pad Santa Gertrudis Bull 366
dwd0000001 British Cross Steer 131
G F. Nov17 15882955 Santa Gertrudis Female 122
LR Gamer Girl British Cross Female 116
DOF Flashy Hitter ANG 9.2 Angus Female 95
Terre Dec17 16007620 Simmental Female 90
~DCC.~ Jan18 16086185 Polled Hereford Female 90
~DCC.~ 2 Balancer Bull 89
Super Cou Balancer Bull 85
~DCC.~ Jan18 16126738 Shorthorn Female 73
~MH~ Dec17 15926173 Polled Hereford Female 55
~MH~ Dec17 15930202 Polled Hereford Female 50
HHH Taurus 280 HH 63.3 Hereford Bull 35
CCG Butterball European Cross Bull 30
ClaraB Shorthorn Female 30
Lester Picked Perfect D182 Angus Female 25

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