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Name Breed Sex Points
DST Clone Captain Red Shorthorn Bull 1,873
DST Tears of Sun Nika Shorthorn Female 1,245
DST Tears of Sun Blackjack Shorthorn Bull 1,242
DST Tears of Sun Mari-lyn Shorthorn Female 915
DST Feb18 16241461 Shorthorn Bull 815
DST Clone Knock Knock Shorthorn Bull 808
DST Clone Rose Bud Shorthorn Female 715
DST Clone SnowFlake Shorthorn Female 610
DST Feb18 16237148 Shorthorn Female 595
DST Caliper Snowbell Shorthorn Female 485
DST Ridin High Jackpot Shorthorn Bull 485
DST Clone Hop Shorthorn Female 465
DST Tears of Sun Frozen Dice Shorthorn Bull 440
DST Clone Wild Child Shorthorn Female 420
DST Fast Trip Rose Petal Shorthorn Female 385
DST Alike Babes Shorthorn Female 380
DST Prince White Rose Shorthorn Female 360
DST Fast Trip Joslyen Shorthorn Female 195
DST Blackjack Misty Mae Shorthorn Female 195
DST Blood Dawg Bolts Shorthorn Bull 110
DST Captain Sunny Day Shorthorn Female 20
DST Blackjack Maybell Shorthorn Female 10
DST Tempest Family Jewel Shorthorn Female 10

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BONL Live Wire 65.1 25 $100
DST Clone Avatar 25 $50
DST Clone Captain Red 22 $100
DST Clone Knock Knock 25 $100
DST Limited Edition Target 25 $50
DST Water Boy 23 $100
DST Water Boy Mischief 25 $50
T-S SS Wh Interceptor 6.9 25 $75

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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