Everglades Mama Cattle

Due to embryos not showing on the embryo sales
page, all EMC embryos have been pulled from sale. However, if you see a cow and bull that you like and want and embryo from them, feel free to send a message. The same goes with the sale of semen.

EMC is currently in the midst of a couple breeding programs and unable to sell the cattle in any pasture other than the ones in the "For Sale" pasture. However, if you see a specific animal you're interested in, feel free to contact me and we can work out an embryo and/or semen deal.

As EMC builds a better herd, we'd like to help you do the same.

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Name Breed Sex Points
EMC GBR Regent Betty Gelbray Female 1,118
EMC BM American Beast Beefmaster Bull 1,082
EMC GV Tribute Gelbvieh Female 955
EMC GBR Kalija Days Gelbray Female 945
EMC BRT Hold My Beer British Cross Bull 802
RUS BN Video Still Brangus Female 754
EMC BM Hush My Mouth Beefmaster Bull 742
EMC BM Thunder Stinger Beefmaster Female 681
EMC BM Olympic Paratrooper Beefmaster Bull 609
EMC GBR Hidden Gelbray Steer 583
RUS GBR Far Out Gelbray Bull 563
EMC BM Bone Korol Beefmaster Female 558
EMC GBR Supernova Chunk Gelbray Steer 556
EMC BM American Force Beefmaster Female 453
EMC BM Honky Tonk Jackpot Beefmaster Female 442
EMC BM Eye Of The Storm Beefmaster Bull 438
EMC BM Ursa Beefmaster Female 401
EMC GV Pineapple Lynx Gelbvieh Female 389
EMC GBR Supernova Intrigue Gelbray Female 376
EMC GBR Timberwolf Gelbray Steer 316
EMC BRT Electric Avenue British Cross Female 285
EMC BM Minty Mandy Beefmaster Female 271
RUS BrA End Transmission Brangus Female 263
EMC Prime Artist Pinzgauer Female 260
EMC BLN Pauley Vortex Balancer Female 205
EMC BM Ayna Beefmaster Female 173
EMC GV Lynx Union Gelbvieh Bull 166
EMC BM American Beast Mode Beefmaster Bull 164
EMC BLN Chief Liz Balancer Female 148
EMC BN Triple Ryder Balancer Female 131
EMC BrC Gladiator League Brahman Cross Steer 98
EMC GV Peach Authority Gelbvieh Bull 93
EMC BLN Play Lakota Balancer Female 90
EMC GV Intrigue Of Old Gelbvieh Female 80
EMC BM Apache Fighter Beefmaster Bull 80
EMC GV War Lynx Gelbvieh Bull 75
EMC BM Keen Fluff Beefmaster Female 65
EMC AN Government Shutdown Angus Female 15
EMC GV Jackson Rebel Gelbvieh Steer 10
EMC BLN Base Hit Balancer Bull 0
EMC GV Pinwheel Gelbvieh Female 0

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
EMC Ranger Rick
0 Bids
British Cross
Mature Bull
Everglades Mama Cattle $14,950 6/20/2019 5:47:14 PM
3 hours 38 minutes
EMC Miss American Pie
1 Bids
British Cross
Open Female
The Big MTM Ranch $7,475 6/20/2019 5:59:15 PM
3 hours 50 minutes
EMC Mt Dew Frostbite
1 Bids
British Cross
Open Female
The Big MTM Ranch $7,475 6/20/2019 6:29:47 PM
4 hours 20 minutes

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
EMC BM Hush My Mouth 41 $250
EMC Civil Buffalo 25 $250
EMC Emperor Twister 18 $250
EMC GBR Murder Divide 20 $250
EMC Hanging Up On You 25 $250
EMC Tiny Tim Touch 20 $250

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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