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Due to embryos not showing on the embryo sales page, all EMC embryos have been pulled from sale. However, if you see a cow and bull that you like and want and embryo from them, feel free to send a message. The same goes with the sale of semen.

EMC is currently in the midst of a couple breeding programs and unable to sell the cattle in any pasture other than the ones in the "For Sale" pasture. However, if you see a specific animal you're interested in, feel free to contact me and we can work out an embryo and/or semen deal.

As EMC builds a better herd, we'd like to help you do the same.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
EMC Polar Vortex Balancer Female 1,253
EMC Ranger Class British Cross Bull 1,184
4S TriplePlay 082B Balancer Bull 1,140
EMC Crazy Happy Gelbvieh Female 1,001
EMC Muse Balancer Female 948
EMC Country Scandal Balancer Bull 933
EMC Hanging Up On You Balancer Bull 825
EMC Cajun Authority Gelbvieh Bull 805
EMC Miss American Pie British Cross Female 784
RUS Rockin Mustang Balancer Female 765
EMC Lady Talk Balancer Female 735
EMC Happy Bone Gelbvieh Female 723
EMC Frostbitten Dew British Cross Bull 492
EMC Sharp Pawnee Balancer Bull 470
EMC Chomping The Bit Balancer Female 469
EMC Im Not Fat Im Fluffy Brahman Cross Bull 439
EMC Phantom Pat British Cross Female 418
EMC Dew Rescue British Cross Female 409
EMC Crazy Bone Gelbvieh Bull 408
BUF02 BROWN SLIDES Gelbray Steer 377
BUF02 REALLY HIDDEN Gelbray Steer 325
EMC Tiny Tim Touch Gelbvieh Bull 324
EMC Tiny Token Gelbvieh Female 306
EMC Ranger Dew British Cross Female 281
EMC Hollys Forfeiture Balancer Bull 274
EMC American Down British Cross Bull 269
BUF02 Hidden Chew Gelbray Female 263
EMC Blue Rescue British Cross Female 226
EMC December Dew British Cross Female 224
BUF02 Power War Gelbray Female 193
EMC BN Happy Notice Balancer Female 180
EMC Crazy Intrigue Gelbvieh Bull 178
EMC Supernova Vision Brahman Cross Bull 161
EMC Cajun Tiny Tim Gelbvieh Bull 135
EMC Final Pansy Balancer Female 135
EMC Tribal Beat Gelbvieh Steer 103
EMC Buffalo Authority Gelbvieh Steer 99
EMC BC Iconic Notice British Cross Steer 98
EMC BRT Loco Rescue British Cross Female 85
EMC Emperors Side Gelbvieh Female 75
EMC Blue Ranger British Cross Bull 63
EMC Civil Maiden Gelbray Female 56
EMC BLN Final Notice Balancer Female 50
EMC Notice of Intent Balancer Bull 30
4S TokenEasyRyder 173 Balancer Female 25
EMC BLN Wash Authority Balancer Steer 25
EMC BRT Sound Check British Cross Female 20
EMC BRT Thunder Rolls British Cross Female 10
EMC Takin My Time On My Ride Balancer Bull 10
EMC GV I Feel Country Gelbvieh Steer 10
EMC BLN Civil Holly Balancer Female 0
EMC BLN Country Lakota Balancer Female 0
EMC GV Far East Diamondback Gelbvieh Bull 0
EMC GBR Frigid Void Gelbray Female 0
EMC GBR Nubu Gelbray Female 0
EMC GBR Dragon Talk Gelbray Female 0
EMC GBR Imagine Pillow Gelbray Bull 0
EMC GBR Murder Divide Gelbray Bull 0
EMC BRT American Blue Boy British Cross Bull 0
EMC Mountain Lake British Cross Female 0
EMC GBR Spell Bound Bone Gelbray Female 0
RUS GBR Guiomar Gelbray Female 0
EMC GBR Regent Betty Gelbray Female 0
EMC Brt British Cross Steer 0
EMC BRT American Apostle British Cross Bull 0
EMC BRT Big Pie British Cross Steer 0
EMC BN Diamondback Heat Gelbray Female 0
RUS GBR Helewidis Gelbray Female 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
EMC Cajun Authority 25 $250
EMC Crazy Bone 25 $250
EMC Tiny Tim Touch 25 $250

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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