Welcome to Four L. Acres or FLA for short

Where most Full blood Gelbvieh trace to. FLA are bred true no other breeds in our Gelbvieh over the years I have seen other breeds put into them causing a shortage of fulls. Then the bred up purebreds looking only for frame. Now again other breeds coming into the blood. Since 2004 We have Impacted the Fullblood Gelbvieh.

We jumped up our Red Angus program by purchasing some elite Reds from Rex at the end of 2018. We are now getting some very good results.

December 2018
#1 in Balancer Females and Bulls,Brahmaine Females and Bulls,Galbray females and Charbray Females. Iowa #1 Females #3 Overall #5
January 2019
#1 in Brahmaine Females,Charbray Females,Gelbray Females,Gelbray Steers,Gelbvieh Females and Red Angus Females. Iowa #1 Females #1 Overall #3
February 2019
#1 in Balancer Females,Brahmaine Females,Gelbray Females,Charbray Females,Gelbvieh Females,Red Angus Bulls and Females. Iowa #1 Females #1 Overall #1
March 2019
#1 in Balancer Females,Gelbvieh Females,Red Angus Bulls and Females. Iowa #1 Females #1 Overall #1
April 2019
#1 in Balancer Females,Red Angus Bulls and Females, Iowa #1 Females #1 Overall #2


"Improving the Balancer breed one animal at a time."
Recently the sim adopted a change of what is a Balancer we will only breed a true "Balancer" a 50% Angus and 50% Gelbvieh hybred the best of both breeds.
Located in the heart of the Midwest in Mitchell county Iowa close to the great town of Riceville Iowa.

We are a very small ranch maintaining a small base to work with.
Our focus is Balancers and preserving the fullblood Gelbvieh. We are one of the oldest herds of the above mentioned breeds. We are striving for the best quality Polled Red Balancers we can get. By Using the best Red Angus bulls we can get and breeding to our proven fullblood Gelbvieh cow families and contracting to owners of the elite Red Angus females we are continually developing new lines for the Balancer breed. Star of our herd. She is the result of a contract breeding with Sect. We recently purchased select cattle from HAA and Eagleview farms with their dispersal's. www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?id=1603998 FLA/Sect Contract Peanut Butter-Red Polled ET Dam of over 160 offspring including 9 over 1000 points,3 over 2000 points and 2 over 3000 points Given Gold Metal Status by the Balancer Assn and dam of one Dtr with GM status. She herself has 46 wins and 4,307 points one of the highest the breed has seen.

FLA has now bred fullblood Gelbvieh's with a 9 EA

FLA Now has bred a fullblood Gelbvieh with a 8 EA www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?id=1914729 To our knowledge she is the first in the breed. bred Seven And our first bull www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?id=2064698

FLA was the first to our knowledge to have bred a 7 EA fullblood Gelbvieh
Our Gelbvieh herd is based on the bloodlines of two of the most dominant herds in the fullblood breed BLR and CR.
In December of 2006 we made a major purchase of fullblood Gelbviehs from Exotic. These cattle were brought in to improve our muscling and capacity. Most of these cattle trace back to BLR. We use embryo transfer on our best cows and heifers.
Feel free to check out our cattle in sale pen and show strings. If something catches your fancy make a offer. We very seldom put cattle in auction. So most of our stock is sold private treaty.
Proud member the Simsteer Balancer Breeders Assn on this sim.
Updated 5-3-2019

FLA Hall of Fame

Gelbvieh Sires

www.showcattle.com/cattle.aspx?name=FLA+Barnabas+ET This Bull has done it all.

FLA Trojan Johansson This high EA bull has improved my fullblood Gelbvieh,Gelbrays and Balancers.Given Gold Metal status by the Balancer assn as a foundation sire of the breed. www.showcattle.com/SimSteer/cattleinfo.aspx?id=1300938

FLA Nemo Jumbo. over 7 EA and 7 frame along with a 8.5 neck. www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Nemo+Jumbo

FLA Jackpot Blaster 2,601 points and 22 wins
a proven calving ease and frame improver he has a EA of 6.6 www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Jackpot+Blaster

FLA Red Jackpot 2,169 points and 4 wins
a proven muscling and frame improver with a EA of 6.7 www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Red+Jackpot
Gelbvieh Cows
FLA Silverman BuffyJo ET www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?id=2078962 2,087 Points and 25 Wins. Dam of Twelve Offspring over 2,000 Points and Twenty Two over 1,000 Points.

FLA Red Jeanie ET
Dam of three high point offspring and well used as a ET donor.

FLA Jackpot Joan.
Over 1700 points and three wins. Super used brood cow with allot of quality offspring.

FLA Mercutio Raven 853 points
Super well used brood cow in the FLA and CR Cattle Company herds. Dam of 13 Gelbvieh and Balancer offspring over 500 show points

FLA Oberon Jasmine 2,614 points and 5 wins
Dam of 4 offspring over 800 points

FLA Jerry Jeri 1,961 points and 13 wins www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Jerry+Jeri+
Dam of 3 offspring over 1000 points

FLA Reba 3,283 points and 35 wins www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Reba
My first Gelbvieh superstar she got my Gelbvieh program going. Dam of 3 offspring over 1000 points.

Balancer Sires

FLA Isiah Elevation-Red 1,701 points and 10 wins
Sire of 4 offspring over 900 points all highly proved Sires.

FLA Return Dojo-Red 2,171 points and 34 wins www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Return+Dojo-Red
Well proven sire with 7 offspring over 700 points

FLA Intense Idol-Red Polled www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Intense+Idol-Red+Polled Over 2000 points and 12 wins has a EA of 7.1 He was recently given Gold Metal status by the Balancer Assn.

FLA Hung Hummer-Red Polled www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Hung+Hummer-Red+Polled He was recently given Gold Metal Status by the Balancer assn. Over 2,600 points with 29 wins.

FLA Jan Felix-Red Polled ET www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Jan+Felix-Red+Polled+ET He was given GM status by the Balancer assn. Sire of over 80 offspring.

FLA Vail Fireman-Red Polled ET Sire of 5 offspring over 1000 points including two well used sons. www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Vail+Fireman-Red+Polled+ET Given GM status by Balancer assn.

FLA Jan Formost-Red Polled ET Given GM status by the Balancer assn. www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Jan+Formost-Red+Polled+ET

FLA Blackeye Louisana Polled Sire of over 75 offspring including 4 over 1000 points. Given GM status by Balancer assn. www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?id=1890629

FLA High PineTree Polled ET Sire of over 140 offspring including 13 over 1,000 Points. www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+High+PineTree+Polled+ET

FLA Margrave Highland Magic Duncan-Red Polled ET Sire of Twelve over 1,000 Points www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Margrave+Highland+Magic+Duncan-Red+Polled+ET

FLA Duster Rebellion-Red Polled www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA%20Duster%20Rebellion-Red%20Polled Sire of 6 over 1,000 Points

FLA Truck Wreck-Red Polled ET www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA%20Truck%20Wreck-Red%20Polled%20ET Sire of 5 offspring over 1,000 Points.

FLA I Want to Win-Red Polled ET www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+I+Want+to+Win-Red+Polled+ET Sire of many 1,000 pt winners.

Balancer Cows

FLA Gold Jackie Polled ET over 3800 points and 54 wins dam of five offspring over 2000 points Given GM status by the Balancer assn. www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?id=1822675

FLA Sandman Traci Lords-Red Polled
680 points and 2 wins. Dam of 3 offspring over 2,000 points. Used in the following herds FLA,Oak Springs and HAA dam of 18+ offspring. Given Gold Medal by the Balancer Assn.

FLA Iron Seka-Red Polled
2,652 points and 4 wins Dam of four offspring over 1,000 points. Given Gold Medal by the Balancer Assn.

FLA Genes Ritalynn-Red www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Genes+RitaLynn-Red
4,031 points and 33 wins dam of four offspring over 1000 points. Given Gold Metal status by Balancer Assn.

FLA Headliner Isis-Red www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Headliner+Isis-Red over 3,200 points and 36 wins Ex Brood cow used as a ET donor the impact of this cow will be felt at FLA and the breed for generations. Given Gold Metal Status by the Balancer Assn

FLA Subway Ivy 2,600 points and 25 wins
Dam of 4 offspring over 500 points
www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?name=FLA+Subway+Ivy-Red Given Gold Metal Status by the Balancer Assn.

FLA Raferite Dena-Red 1,358 points and 24 wins
Dam of 2 offspring over 1900 points one a highly proven sire

FLA Black Jack Roxie 2,371 points and 38 wins
Dam of 2 offspring over 1000 points one a highly proven sire.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
FLA DB Ivy ET Gelbvieh Female 2,760
FLA Dynamite Jane Red P Balancer Female 2,683
FLA Herman Miley Red Red Angus Female 1,766
FLA DB Iris ET Gelbvieh Female 1,701
FLA Thor Red ET Red Angus Bull 1,590
FLA Peter Jane Red ET Red Angus Female 1,524
FLA Peter Janice Red ET Red Angus Female 1,306
FLA Lord Gelbvieh Bull 1,188
FLA Carrot Janice Red ET Red Angus Female 1,171
FLA Willie Rachel Red ET Red Angus Female 1,097
FLA Emperor Pear ET Gelbvieh Female 1,041
FLA Emperor Janice Red P ET Balancer Female 1,020
FLA Chief Rachel Red P Balancer Female 1,003
FLA Thor Rosey Red ET Red Angus Female 1,001
FLA Emperor Inka Gelbvieh Female 955
FLA Herman Reba Red ET Red Angus Female 821
FLA Celtic Pride Red ET Red Angus Bull 729
FLA Carrot Patty Red ET Red Angus Female 713
FLA Carrot Sharon Red ET Red Angus Female 698
FLA Herman Nadene Red ET Red Angus Female 693
FLA Emperor HoneyComb ET Gelbvieh Female 675
FLA Tsar Isabel ET Gelbvieh Female 583
FLA Peter Raven Red ET Red Angus Female 581
FLA Peter Ruby Red ET Red Angus Female 570
FLA Carrot Patsy Red ET Red Angus Female 505
FLA Griffen Red ET Red Angus Bull 474
FLA Emperor PeachChrisp ET Gelbvieh Female 453
FLA Tsar Ina Gelbvieh Female 439
FLA Emperor Nina Red P ET Balancer Female 403
FLA 459 Lady Gelbvieh Female 389
FLA Willie Nelly Red ET Red Angus Female 359
FLA Willie Nadine Red ET Red Angus Female 353
FLA HD Robin Red ET Red Angus Female 340
FLA Emperor Ivy Gelbvieh Female 340
FLA Emperor Irene ET Gelbvieh Female 340
FLA II Hanna SY P ET Gelbray Female 317
RUS GBR Guiomar Gelbray Female 313
FLA Willie Nancy Red ET Red Angus Female 240
FLA Lord Sally ET Gelbvieh Female 215
FLA Oden Angus Bull 209
FLA Herman Nan Red ET Red Angus Bull 193
FLA Lord Plum ET Gelbvieh Female 193
FLA II Haley Red P ET Gelbray Female 191
FLA Sunkist Red P ET Balancer Bull 188
FLA II Hope SY P ET Gelbray Female 181
FLA Peter Nancy Red ET Red Angus Female 175
FLA Pride Jane Red ET Red Angus Female 175
FLA II Heaven Red P ET Gelbray Female 136
FLA Prince of Baden ET Gelbvieh Bull 123
FLA Count ET Gelbvieh Bull 114
FLA HD Rose Red ET Red Angus Female 85
FLA Emperor Iona ET Gelbvieh Female 85
FLA Lord Peach ET Gelbvieh Female 80
FLA Thoracic Reba Red ET Red Angus Female 80
FLA Carrot Jenny Red ET Red Angus Female 50
FLA Peter Neva Red ET Red Angus Female 40
FLA Prince Hattie Gelbvieh Female 25
FLA Pride Jan Red ET Red Angus Female 15
FLA Earl ET Gelbvieh Bull 10
FLA Lokie Red ET Red Angus Bull 0
FLA Knight ET Gelbvieh Bull 0

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
FLA Dynamite Jane Red P
1 Bids
Open Female
T Bar S Feeders $4,975 5/26/2019 6:31:30 AM
10 hours

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
None Available.

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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