Heavy Duty

src="i.imgur.com/pcfY4Kn.jpg">If you are interested in any of my cattle shoot me a e-mail.

Thanks for your time,
Lane @HD

*Please note that anything with HDUTY or HDuty is feeders only they are not show cattle.
*Show cattle or Quality Breeding stock, Show Steers have H-D **( DO NOT STEAL MY BRAND)

Thank you to everyone that has helped me out as i play this game.

Highest price for animal sold: www.showcattle.com/cattleinfo.aspx?id=9158546 Sold for $160,075 to Gold N Silver.

Thank you so much for bidding.

**Steers takin to termianl that was born on this ranch** : 50

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Name Breed Sex Points
H-D Oct18 17339440 Beefmaster Steer 338
H-D Oct18 17336475 Beefmaster Steer 313
H-D Oct18 17336482 Beefmaster Steer 173
H-D Oct18 17339470 Beefmaster Steer 70
H-D Oct18 17353552 Beefmaster Steer 45

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