Honey Rock Ranch

Raising a functional cow herd that can survive the harsh conditions of Montana and produce show quality replacements. Gelbvieh cattle are the stars on our ranch, however, we have started raising Simmentals thanks to some special cows purchased from Diversify.
**All Breeding Stock fed Premium Show Mix until 40 days of Age, even those in our Sale Pen**

But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you." Psalm 81:16

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
HRR Golly Miss Molly 69.4 Simmental Female 1,299
HRR Sacketts Son 7.1 Simmental Bull 889
HRR Maggi Gold Simmental Steer 740
HRR Acid Machine SimAngus Steer 665
HRR 875 High Lynx Country 62.5 Gelbvieh Female 643
HRR Rocky Mtn High European Cross Steer 523
HRR 81 High Lynx Magic 61.0 Gelbvieh Female 480
HRR Unlimited Force Gelbvieh Steer 471
HRR 875 Country Power 62.1 Gelbvieh Bull 369
Honey Rock Ranch Heifer Calf # Simmental Female 366
Honey Rock Ranch Heifer Calf # Simmental Female 300
HRR Snooker Table 6.8 Simmental Steer 30
Honey Rock Ranch Bull Calf # Simmental Female 25

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
HRR Bakken Bull 58.7
0 Bids
Mature Bull
Honey Rock Ranch $9,950 1/21/2019 2:41:36 PM
3 days 19 hours 45 minutes

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
HRR Experienced Lynx 7.3 1 $250
W-W 78.0 Captain 7069B 10 $200

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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