King J Ranch

King J Ranch has just been updated this January to the full version so as far as breeding we are new to the game. We hope to acquire more females both donors and receipts.

If you would be interested in selling your cattle to us or would like to purchase cows, calves, semen, or embryos, feel free to message us.

Also if you like any of our females we can breed them to your bull or a bull of your choosing and collect embryos to sell to you as well.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
BUF01 Pretty Jackie Beefmaster Female 804
KKR Olympian Duke Simmental Bull 451
KJR Jackie Beefmaster Female 444
KJR Missy 7.0 Pinzgauer Female 393
KJR Lover Boy 7.1 Beefmaster Bull 384
KJR Vape King Pinzgauer Bull 304
KJR Stellie Red Angus Female 205
KJR Little Black Girl Pinzgauer Female 183
KJR Made Man Charbray Bull 168
KJR Crazy Man Maine Angus Bull 123
KJR Total Stell Red Angus Female 115
KJR Lonely Braford Female 90
KJR Vape Star Pinzgauer Female 70
KJR Red Queen Maine Anjou Female 65
KJR Nitty Brahmaine Bull 60
KJR Nearly Dunn Simbrah Female 60
KJR Crack Head Charbray Bull 51
KJR Black Queen Maine Anjou Female 25
KJR Known Fact Maine Anjou Bull 25
KJR Queen 6.9 Beefmaster Female 20
KJR You Know It Maine Anjou Female 10
KJR Dunn Made Charbray Female 0
KJR BLT Balancer Bull 0
KJR Tempting Braford Bull 0
KJR Red and Wild Red Angus Bull 0
KJR Twister Limousin Female 0
KJR Love Me 7.0 Beefmaster Bull 0
KJR Pretty Brown Lady Beefmaster Female 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
BUF02 BLUE LIGHT 18 $150
EMC Beer Goggles 16 $50
KEC Packin Power 15.0 49 $25
KJR Big Sexy 63 $10
KJR Dusty 5 $50
KJR Lover 6.4 24 $25
KJR Lover 6.4 17988702 24 $25
KJR Lover 6.7 24 $25
KJR Maker 12 $50
KJR Socks 62 $250
KJR Vape King 75 $25
RUS Bacon Side 72 $50

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
General Info
Signed Up: 1/23/2018
Account Level: Standard
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Current Rankings
Brahmaine Bulls #1
Charbray Bulls #1
Simbrah Females #1
Ohio State #3
Beefmaster Females #3
Braford Females #5
Pinzgauer Females #5
Beefmaster Bulls #6
Maine Angus Bulls #7
Chianina Females #8
Pinzgauer Bulls #9
Simmental Bulls #14
Red Angus Females #15
Maine Anjou Females #22
Maine Anjou Bulls #24
Red Angus Bulls #26
Overall Bulls #61
Overall Females #61
Overall #66
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"Bulls for sale"
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"Bulls for sale"
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