McAllister Enterprises II

Top Homebred Show Steers:
3 Grand Champions
1 Reserve Grand Champion
11 Breed Champion

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
†PTR† LM ARIAT Limousin Bull 1,078
ME• Maker of Dreams 65.6 Limousin Bull 937
FUR NR DF Flirty Liar Limousin Female 731
ME• Dangerous Kiss 65.9 Limousin Female 664
†PTR† LM CODE BLACK Limousin Bull 578
ME• Boilermaker Playtime 65.5 Limousin Female 413
ME• Boilermaker Good Sir 65.6 Limousin Bull 410
ME• Sixth Sahara 66.0 Limousin Female 305
ME• Missed Assumption 65.1 Limousin Female 220
ME• Boilermaker Queen 65.3 Limousin Female 195
ME• Boilermaker Sahara 66.0 Limousin Female 180
ME• Perfect Danger 65.7 Limousin Female 30

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
ME• Dangerous Stuff 65.5
0 Bids
Mature Bull
McAllister Enterprises II $2,450 1/23/2018 12:08:13 PM
10 hours 24 minutes

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Bull Straws Price
None Available.

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Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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