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Muscatine FFA Show Cattle
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Best Euro Cross Heifer I Own.

Female started showing very young and won her first show she was in.

Maine Steer-

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
KLF Back on Top 362 Angus Bull 1,932
REX 94100 AUBREY 709R Red Angus Female 1,565
REX 101 LAURA 806A Angus Female 1,325
REX POLLY 806R Red Angus Female 1,273
KLF 103 Kix Brooks Red Angus Bull 1,251
CAM LONGSHOT 3721 Red Angus Female 891
G F An Ozzie Rose 426 Angus Female 821
REX 97101 STUART 722A Angus Bull 806
REX 100 INGRID 809A Angus Female 791
G F Alt Fragility 73.8 European Cross Bull 753
REX 99 MAGGIE 730A Angus Female 660
{DCC} Cash Red Angus Bull 652
REX MAGGIE 806A Angus Female 550
REX BASICS 806R Red Angus Bull 450
REX 99 PRIMROSE 816R Red Angus Female 315
REX BRONCO 806A Angus Bull 225
{DCC} Finish 590 Angus Female 150
REX TONY 816R Red Angus Steer 103
REX 98 MAGGIE 816A Angus Female 90
MFFA MaineB x12 Maine Anjou Female 90
MFFA BrokenOut x12 Maine Anjou Female 84
BLING BIONIC 095A Angus Steer 48
MFFA FlyHigh x12 Maine Anjou Female 30
MFFA Europe x12 European Cross Female 28
REX 102 GALACTIC 816R Red Angus Female 15
REX 94 PRIMROSE 820A Angus Female 15
REX 99 SHANIA SS 823R Red Angus Female 0

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None Available.

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None Available.
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