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Welcome to North Pole Farms, a subsidiary of Honey Rock Ranch. We take the same pride at Honey Rock to produce quality Simmental genetics here. All prospects AND breeding stock are fed Premium Show Mix. Nothing but the best for the best! Feel free to browse our pastures and to ask any questions.

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Name Breed Sex Points
NP Big and Smart 69.1 Simmental Bull 2,786
NP Big and Cool 69.1 Simmental Bull 2,553
NP Bandit Beatrice 69.1 Simmental Female 1,851
NP Kryptonite 69.2 Simmental Bull 1,842
NP Holdup 69.1 Simmental Bull 1,524
TCC SM Punk Rock 39.41 696 Simmental Bull 918
NP Grape Jelly 69.9 Simmental Female 788
NP Made in the Shade 69.5 Simmental Bull 680
NP Big Moose Vet 70.6 Simmental Female 415

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