We strive to produce the best cattle available, with our current focus on Angus.

Having achieved multiple breed champions and a stud that consistently strives to be at the top of its breeds, we believe we are establishing a bloodline that will take Angus cattle to the next level.

We often have bulls and breeders for sale and welcome any offers on any of our cattle.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
Oz Tennessee Glamour Angus Bull 1,292
Oz Igiso Future Sun 102 Angus Bull 711
Oz Tennessee Shadowless 101 Angus Bull 675
Oz BC Igiso Twit British Cross Female 610
Oz Tennessee Holly Colt 103 Angus Female 393
Oz BC Transformer Faith 100 British Cross Bull 355
Oz Tennessee Sand Rule 104 European Cross Female 333
Oz SS Tennessee Blackjack 101 British Cross Female 316
Oz Water Camelo European Cross Female 315
Oz Willie Hunt 103 European Cross Female 90
Oz Willie Maggie 103 Angus Female 75
Oz Willie Black Skye 102 European Cross Bull 75
Oz Willie Hollywood 101 Red Angus Bull 70
Oz Willie Shadowless 103 Angus Female 65
Oz Willie Ms Paulie 103 Angus Female 65
Oz DSST Bionic 103 Red Angus Female 55
Oz Boston Sun 103 Angus Bull 35
Oz Willie Party 101 European Cross Bull 0
Oz Willie Rose 101 Red Angus Bull 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
None Available.

Embryos for Sale

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None Available.
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