We strive to produce the best cattle available, with our current focus on Angus.

Having achieved multiple breed champions and a stud that consistently strives to be at the top of its breeds, we believe we are establishing a bloodline that will take Angus cattle to the next level.

We often have bulls and breeders for sale and welcome any offers on any of our cattle.

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
Oz Sand Fire Angus Female 720
Oz Baptist Hollywood Angus Female 236
Oz Tennessee Baptist Angus Bull 153
Oz Sand Powder Angus Female 153
Oz Sand Shadlowless Angus Female 150
Oz Sand Thunder Angus Bull 136
Oz Sand Clover Angus Female 130
PRS Sand Pooch Angus Bull 125
Oz Storm Surge Sun Angus Female 110
Oz Sand Rose Angus Bull 90
PRS H807 Angus Female 85
Oz Sand Swanwhite Angus Female 40

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
Oz Wallace Kari
0 Bids
Mature Bull
Oz $7,450 2/18/2019 9:04:41 PM
8 hours 43 minutes
G F An High Tensile 716
1 Bids
Mature Bull
JCRS $14,975 2/19/2019 9:05:25 PM
1 day 8 hours 44 minutes
G F An Royal Baptist 72.5
1 Bids
Mature Bull
Jones Simmental $19,975 2/19/2019 9:06:08 PM
1 day 8 hours 45 minutes
Oz Tennessee Aries
1 Bids
Mature Bull
JCRS $7,475 2/18/2019 9:26:35 PM
9 hours 5 minutes
Oz Sure Anara
1 Bids
Maine Angus
Open Female
WD Cattle Co. $4,975 2/21/2019 1:15:52 AM
2 days 12 hours 55 minutes

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
None Available.

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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