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BLF Miss Grapevine (Deceased)- Our first heifer, purchased as a baby from GrassFarmer, had a nice show career with 27 Breed Championships, 7 Reserves and 1,486 points to her credit. She produced 16 Champions & 26 point earners with a combined total of 17,848 points (BLF Miss Grapevine Mills 2CA - 3,007, BLF Miss Southlake 2CA - 2,962, BLF Miss Shady Grove 2RC - 1,645, BLF Edgewood 2CA - 1,631 & BLF Keechi Creek 2CA - 1,446) . Died 01-16-11. She will be greatly missed.

***A few Past Champions of different Breeds***
BLF Sweet Dreams 1CA - 2 Grands, 7 Reserves and 1,131 points. Maternal sister to 21 point earning Angus, Chiangus and Maine Angus cattle.
Dam of:
-BLF Lunatic Fringe 1RC - Winningest Chiangus heifer to date. 48 Grands, 9 Reserves & 3,517 points.
-BLF Rocket Man 1CA - 34 Grands, 17 Reserves and 3,041 points. Never worse than first. A great show cow.
-BLF Under My Thumb 1CA - 50 Grands, 4 Reserves and 3 firsts out of 57 times shown. 2,882 points. Never worse than first.
-BLF Already Gone 1CA - 16 Grands, 16 Reserves (a lot of times to BLF Under My Thumb 1CA) and 1,983 points.
-BLF Superbeast 1CA - 8 Grands, 5 Reserves and 1,095 points. Already the dam of two point earners.
-BLF Mr Bojangles 1CA - Bull - 21 Grands, 2 Reserves and 771 points. Showing that she not only produced winning females but bulls as well.

BLF American Storm 1RC - A lightly shown half-blood Chiangus cow. Bone, depth of rib and great necked.
Dam of:
-BLF Big League 1CA (by Williemac Sure Fire) - Competing against BLF Lunatic Fringe 1RC (see above), she still amassed 12 Grands, 30 Reserves & 2,840 points.
-BLF Shattering Glass 1RC (by Williemac Sure Fire) - She's got Everything. 41 Grands, 5 Reserves and 2,565 points.
-BLF Again And Again 1RC (by Williemac Sure Fire) - Correct, complete heifer just behind her sibling Shattering Glass. 2 Grands, 29 Reserves and 2,215 points.
-BLF Ninotchka 1RC (by Williemac Sure Fire) - 33 Grands, 11 Reserves & 2,118 points.

BLF Renegade SP208 (Shorthorn) - 33 Grands, 11 Reserves and 3,788 Points. Full sibling to BLF Bad Company SP206.

BLF Ruth B MA528 (European Cross) - 30 Grands, 18 Reserves and 3,724 points. One of many Champions out of Woodlands Royal Flush 9.9/24 (29 Grands, 17 Reserves & 3,296 points) See below.

BLF Siouxsie AR275 (Shorthorn Plus) - 57 Grands, 9 Reserves and 3,475 points. Was Grand or Reserve all but 4 times shown. Very complete heifer with a 11.0 Eye Appeal.

Woodlands Royal Flush 9.9/24 (Maine Anjou) - 29 Grands, 17 Reserves & 3,296 points. Dam and Grandam of multiple Champion bulls and females.

BLF Ms Rock My Fancy 1CA - 36 Grands, 22 Reserves & 3,296 points. Big topped, big bone, freaky necked and sound. Dam of another Pine Bluff Farms Champion: BLF One Chance Fancy 2RC - 16 Grands, 13 Reserves & 2,709 points.

BLF Ms Hard Rock 1CA - 33 Grands, 18 Reserves & 3,239 points. Finished her career with a run of 15 straight Grand Champion honors. A very complete cow with eye appeal and no holes.

BLF Miss Cedar Hill 2CA- 43 Grands, 13 Reserves & 3,234 points. Sired by DHCC CV-9 Essex, a bull that has changed the Chiangus breed. Plus, the highest point earning son or daughter of SBC CA MISS BLOOD BUSINESS.

REX 432 COURTNEY 927A (Angus) - 18 Grands, 8 Reserves and 3,094 points. Had several class wins worth 140 points each. Was in our herd, producing Angus, Maine Angus and Chiangus cattle. Raised and shown by us.

BLF Another World MA795 (European Cross) - 48 Grands and 4 Reserves in 52 Shows. Amassed 3,002 points. Always brought home a banner. Sibling to these other great Champions: BLF Louder than Words MA466 (3196 pts.), BLF Days of Our Lives MA616 (3014 pts.), BLF Love Her Madly MA266 (2781 pts.), BLF The Way It Is MA720 (2751 pts.), BLF Crown of Creation MA173 (2371 pts.), BLF On the Turning Away MA202 (2232 pts.) and others.

BLF Bad Company SS206 (Shorthorn Bull) - 30 Grands, 16 Reserves and 2,758 points. Full brother to the heifer BLF Renegade SP208.

BLF Bouquet SP728 (Shorthorn) - 13 Grands, 9 Reserves and 2.722 points. Following a great line of show heifers by our bull •J§C• SS RG Holiday Z 7.4.

BLF 38 Special 1CM (Chimaine) - 6x Grand Champion, 5x Breed Champion & 1x Reserve Breed Champion Steer titles in 13 times shown.

BLF Rush 2CM (Chimaine) - 6x Reserve Grand Champion, 1x Breed Champion and 5x Reserve Breed Champion Steer titles in 12 shows. Showed with BLF 38 Special 1CM.

BLF Heavy Fuel 1CM (Chimaine) - 2x Reserve Grand Champion Steer and 8x Breed Champion Steer. Sired by the winning bull BLF Dire Straits 1CM.

"Fais Confiance a la Vie"

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
BLF Bobbie Sue 1CM European Cross Female 2,583
BLF Radiance MA883 Maine Angus Female 1,917
BLF Ramona MT951 European Cross Female 1,554
BLF These Dreams MA377 Maine Angus Female 1,478
BLF Spinning Licorice MA885 Maine Angus Female 1,402
BLF Iroquois MA571 Maine Angus Female 1,336
BLF Roots MT226 European Cross Female 1,303
BLF Aftershock Jacques MT704 European Cross Bull 1,102
BLF Mandan MA577 Maine Angus Female 1,017
BLF Miss Helene MA027 European Cross Female 980
BLF Roxette 1CA ChiAngus Female 952
BLF I Bet My Life MA651 Maine Angus Female 801
BLF Den of Thieves MT781 European Cross Bull 796
BLF Joyride 1CA ChiAngus Female 726
BLF Serapion MA998 Maine Angus Bull 661
BLF Through the Years MT697 European Cross Female 661
BLF Mama Said MA750 Maine Angus Female 650
BLF Seneca MA650 Maine Angus Female 616
BLF Electricity 1CM Maine Angus Female 570
BLF Gabrielle PCA ChiAngus Female 556
BLF Big Fish MT228 European Cross Bull 453
BLF Miss Hazel MT556 European Cross Female 450
BLF Jordan 1CA ChiAngus Female 449
BLF I Gotta Feeling 1CA ChiAngus Female 413
BLF Greta 2RC ChiAngus Female 369
BLF Dont Take My Man 1CA ChiAngus Female 368
BLF Tempest 2CA ChiAngus Female 330
BLF The Wall 2CA ChiAngus Bull 324
BLF Miss Halle MA720 Maine Angus Female 316
BLF Stoic MA622 Maine Angus Bull 303
BLF Defiance 1RC ChiAngus Bull 295
BLF Dreams in the Mist MT672 European Cross Female 275
BLF Miss Harmony MA014 Maine Anjou Female 255
BLF Miss Holly 2CA ChiAngus Female 246
BLF You Aint the First 2CA ChiAngus Female 228
BLF Harper 2CA ChiAngus Female 213
BLF Better MT814 European Cross Bull 200
BLF Full Force PCA ChiAngus Bull 184
BLF Guinevere 2CA ChiAngus Female 170
BLF You Say 1CA ChiAngus Female 138
BLF Miss Rattle PCA ChiAngus Female 128
BLF Amarillo 1CA ChiAngus Bull 105
BLF Bad Obsession 2CA ChiAngus Bull 101
BLF Cigar Aficionado 2CA ChiAngus Bull 96
BLF Tallulah 2CA ChiAngus Female 90
BLF This Feeling MA572 Maine Angus Female 88
BLF Big Machine MA882 Maine Angus Bull 83
BLF One Wish 2CA ChiAngus Bull 78
BLF Jessica 2CA ChiAngus Female 75
BLF Young Thug 2CA ChiAngus Bull 65
BLF Metal Gear 1CA ChiAngus Bull 53
BLF Marysville MA197 Maine Angus Female 50
BLF Real Sugar 2CA ChiAngus Female 35
BLF Look Sharp 2CA ChiAngus Bull 30
BLF Shot of Fireball 1CM Maine Angus Bull 30
BLF Paid to Believe MA493 Maine Angus Female 30
BLF Pretty Crazy MT286 European Cross Female 0
BLF Ancestry MA779 Maine Angus Female 0
BLF Tiffany 2CA ChiAngus Female 0
BLF Veronica 2CA ChiAngus Female 0
BLF Worth It MT927 European Cross Bull 0
BLF Violet 2CA ChiAngus Female 0
BLF Tell Me No Lies AR219 British Cross Female 0
BLF Little Queenie MA031 Maine Angus Female 0
BLF Riazul 1CM European Cross Female 0
BLF Top Shelf 1CM Maine Angus Bull 0


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