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Welcome to Pine Trails Ranch --- home of premier Limousin and Santa Gertrudis cattle!

I'm extremely grateful for the assistance I've received from several established members on here. Special thanks go out to Queensview Farms, Rex Limi, B H Farms, Gene Pro Stud, Pyramid Ranch, Sunny Side Ranch and several others. As a way to "pay it forward" to others, I'm extremely new and basic user friendly. If there is anything I can do to assist you in building your herd, please feel free to contact me.

I appreciate your business!
-Pine Trails Ranch

"God is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine."
Ephesians 3:20
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Name Breed Sex Points
†PTR† MA SUGARCANE Maine Anjou Female 1,782
†PTR† MA BUNNY SWAG Maine Anjou Female 1,282
†PTR† MA AFTERSHOCK Maine Anjou Bull 973
†PTR† MA SHOCKWAVE Maine Anjou Bull 745
†PTR† MA GRINGO PEARL Maine Anjou Female 725
†PTR† MA GRINGO BELLE Maine Anjou Female 590
†PTR† MA MOBSTER Maine Anjou Bull 520
†PTR† MA POWER SWAG Maine Anjou Female 460
†PTR† MA DERBY Maine Anjou Female 373
†PTR† MA HICKORY BELLE Maine Anjou Female 360
†PTR† MA ROYAL GRINGO Maine Anjou Female 345
†PTR† MA DELICATE SHOCK Maine Anjou Female 335
†PTR† MA CHANEY Maine Anjou Female 215
†PTR† MA LUXOR Maine Anjou Bull 185
†PTR† MA NOBLE SEA Maine Anjou Female 180
†PTR† MA SHEKINAH Maine Anjou Female 175
†PTR† MA VOLCANIC Maine Anjou Bull 135
†PTR† LM NEW KINGDOM S Limousin Steer 118
†PTR† MA GRINGO ROSE Maine Anjou Female 115
†PTR† MA CORTEZ S Maine Anjou Steer 95
†PTR† MA DOWNTOWN GRINGO Maine Anjou Female 85
M 3 MA Puzzled Pack 2059 Maine Anjou Bull 80
†PTR† MA SOUTHERN DUKE S Maine Anjou Steer 75
†PTR† MA SUGAR SHOCK Maine Anjou Female 45
†PTR† MA TUNGSTEN Maine Anjou Bull 15
†PTR† MA CAHABA LILY Maine Anjou Female 0
†PTR† LM CAROLINA Limousin Female 0
†PTR† MA RALEIGH Maine Anjou Bull 0
†PTR† LM REQUIEM S Limousin Steer 0
†PTR† MA CHARLOTTE Maine Anjou Female 0
†PTR† MA JASMINE Maine Anjou Female 0
†PTR† MA VERANO S Maine Anjou Steer 0
†PTR† MA LEONIDAS S Maine Anjou Steer 0
†PTR† MA JAILBREAK S Maine Anjou Steer 0

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