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Name Breed Sex Points
PCC Autumn Mandy 3719 Brahman Cross Female 1,200
PCC Autumn War Brahman Cross Bull 919
PCC Autumn Maiden Brahman Cross Female 785
PCC Bewitchin Turn Brahman Cross Female 623
PCC Royal Aces Brahman Cross Bull 600
PCC Alabama Autumn Brahman Cross Female 586
PCC Marcy Summer Brahman Cross Female 535
PCC Hannity Blaze Brahman Cross Female 483
PCC Autmn Aces Brahman Cross Bull 419
PCC Red Bewitch American Cross Female 419
PCC Vesuvius Blaze Brahman Cross Bull 364
PCC Red Goggles Brahman Cross Female 336
PCC Solid Black American Cross Female 276
PCC Autumn Queen Brahman Cross Female 275
PCC Cowgirl Marcy American Cross Female 255
PCC Marcys Aces Brahman Cross Female 253
PCC Aint Lookin At Marcy American Cross Bull 248
PCC Marcie The Pistol Brahman Cross Female 205
PCC Autumn Glory 429 Brahman Cross Female 135
PCC Joyeux Summer American Cross Female 125
PCC Aint Lookin American Cross Female 93
PCC Summer Glory Brahman Cross Female 80
PCC Red Striped Aces Brahman Cross Female 45
PCC Glory in tha Pistol Brahman Cross Female 45
PCC Royal Pistol American Cross Steer 10
PCC Show Steer 514 American Cross Steer 0
PCC Black Primrose European Cross Steer 0
PCC Autumn Cat American Cross Steer 0

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
PCC Aint Lookin At Marcy 25 $20
PCC Autumn War 25 $20
PCC Bewitchin Time ll 24 $20
PCC Double Summer 25 $20
PCC Great Cat 20 $20
PCC Marcus The Pistol 18 $35
PCC Smokey Showboat 25 $20
PCC Smokey Summer 21 $50
PCC Summer Machine 23 $35
PCC Turquoise Pistol 20 $100
PCC Vesuvius Pistol 23 $20

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Signed Up: 7/15/2018
Account Level: Standard
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Current Rankings
Wyoming State #1
Brahman Cross Bulls #1
Brahman Cross Females #1
American Cross Females #2
American Cross Bulls #6
ABC Steers #10
British Cross Steers #13
Overall Efficiency #37
Overall Females #50
Overall Bulls #52
Overall #56
Overall Steers #83
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