Purple Genetics

Purple Genetics is Back in Business!

After a complete dispersal sale and nearly a year away from the game, Purple Genetics is back and better than ever. I am currently working on two breeds, Herefords and Charolais. All of my breeding cattle are fed 100% PSM until atleast 40 days. I’m very grateful for the help I have received as I have tried to start from scratch in two competitive breeds. Therefore, I am always happy to help other when I can so just shoot me a message here and I’m on Slack as well.

Honorable Mentions


PG Phenomenon 72.7
16.1 15.8 5.6 72.7


PG Pirate Euro
Grand Steer at Terminal!

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
PG All Dolled Up 73.2 Charolais Female 852
D~ CBM Cheif Big Shot H 7.1 Simmental Bull 801
PG Believer 72.3 Charolais Female 484
PG Captain 17159378 European Cross Steer 392
PG Show Girl 64.9 Polled Hereford Female 375
PG Space Trombone 17159358 Polled Hereford Steer 279
PG Shake Me Down 72.3 Charolais Female 261
PG Walk This Way 72.5 Charolais Bull 256
PG The Harvest Moon 64.6 Polled Hereford Female 255
PG Wishing You Were Me 71.4 Charolais Female 235
PG Fat Stacks 72.2 Charolais Female 178
D~ MC Snooki H 7.0 Simmental Female 160
PG Black Panther 17171516 European Cross Steer 90


Pen Name Cattle Options
Feed Lot 92 Offer
Commercial Heifers 2 Offer

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
PG Remember Me 13.3/13.6 64.6 44 $100
PG Sexy Back 13.8/13.3 64.6 25 $100

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Signed Up: 6/23/2015
Account Level: Standard
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