Rafter /S Livestock and Cattle Co

Rafter /S Livestock and Cattle Co. Orgiinally started in February 2 of 2010 under the Crooked R Ranch {R. Solidly with Polled Herefords. Dispersed a year later.

Started back again February 2 2019 My late daddy’birthday. Again with hopes of putting together another run of good solid Polled Hereford Lines..

Rafter /S is an honest brand. Dont believe in going into auction and bidding on every cow/ bull on the page to keep people from having a hard go at the ranch life. Don’t believe in last minute or last call bidder.. Or dishonest gaines.

Rafter /S doesn’t promise anything other than to make every attempt to be an honest ranch and produce honest cattle

Rafter /S

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Name Breed Sex Points
B V R Great Hunter 7.3 68.3 Polled Hereford Bull 1,335
RLC /S Iron Waffle Y70 Polled Hereford Female 1,129
RLC /S Advantage Y70 Polled Hereford Bull 1,117
B V R Prince 7.0 67.8 Hereford Bull 1,086
RLC /S Miss Ball Dog 16Y Hereford Female 878
RLC /S Simple Dog Z28 Hereford Bull 722
RLC /S Brawling Goats X720 Hereford Bull 722
RLC /S Miss Pasty Y 20 Polled Hereford Female 597
RLC /S American Pearl Z520 Polled Hereford Bull 573
RLC /S Rollling Zero X55 Polled Hereford Female 570
RLC /S Sweet Latin ZY24H Hereford Bull 537
RLC /S Pepper Dog Z70 Polled Hereford Bull 533
RLC /S Simple Dog Z208 Hereford Female 533
RLC /S Miss Tasty Z24 Hereford Female 529
RLC /S White American Z44 Polled Hereford Bull 441
RLC /S Waffle Me Z808 Hereford Bull 423
RLC /S Miss Tasty ZY24 Polled Hereford Female 388
RLC /S Miss American Pie Z420 Polled Hereford Female 370
RLC /S Brawling Dog Y505 Hereford Female 368
RLC /S Miss American Baby A33 Hereford Female 340
RLC /S American Polled Hereford Bull 335
RLC /S American Show Z520 Polled Hereford Bull 310
RLC /S Hot Waffle Z415 Hereford Bull 298
RLC /S Miss Tin Sally Z602 Hereford Female 290
RLC /S Tin Advantage Z916 Polled Hereford Bull 253
RLC /S American Prospect Z420 Polled Hereford Bull 228
RLC /S Dove Dog Z23 Polled Hereford Female 220
RLC /S Miss Roasted Waffle Z44 Polled Hereford Female 210
RLC /S Miss Tin Border A654 Hereford Female 173
RLC /S Cooper M/A Z808 American Cross Bull 146
RLC /S Cooper Ma Z23 American Cross Female 128
RLC /S Nasty Dog A916 Polled Hereford Bull 125
RLC /S Bad Dog A707 Hereford Bull 106
RLC /S Miss Am Clhoe Z808 Polled Hereford Female 100
RLC /S Miss Big American Z44 Hereford Female 100
RLC /S Rusty Tin A209 Polled Hereford Bull 100
RLC /S Miss Tin Border A602 Polled Hereford Female 65
RLC /S Tin Cup A213 Hereford Bull 53
RLC /S Miss American King A415 Polled Hereford Female 20


Pen Name Cattle Options
Feed lot 24 Offer

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None Available.

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Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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Signed Up: 2/2/2019
Account Level: Standard
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