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March 2018: Five Hereford Steers Taken at Terminal bred by HHH
April 2018: Two Hereford Steers Taken at Terminal bred by HHH

March 2018: Polled Hereford Steers #1
March 2018: Horned Hereford Steers #1

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Name Breed Sex Points
RCR Steer 158 HH Hereford Steer 676
RCR Steer 218 HH Hereford Steer 499
RCR Steer 072 PH Polled Hereford Steer 402
RCR Steer 804 HH Hereford Steer 400
RCR Steer 705 PH Polled Hereford Steer 345
RCR Steer 298 HH Hereford Steer 243
RCR Steer 310 HH Hereford Steer 133
RCR Steer 642 HH Hereford Steer 43
RCR Steer 661 PH Polled Hereford Steer 0
WOR SS Steer 732 Shorthorn Steer 0
WOR SS Steer 753 Shorthorn Steer 0

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Hereford Steers #1
Overall Steers #1
Nebraska State #2
Polled Hereford Steers #3
Overall Efficiency #8
Maine Anjou Steers #18
Overall #32
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