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Name Breed Sex Points
RRV 6.8 Rad Queso 67.5 Polled Hereford Female 1,758
RRV BO Could Have Been 7.0 Braford Steer 1,122
RRV ST BL Duke of Show 7.1 Angus Steer 680
RRV Cliff Diver 6.9 Braford Steer 530
RRV BLANSTR Double Tap 6.8 Angus Steer 223
RRV Show Girl 6.9 Braford Female 0

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Ag Class Rankings #0
Maryland State #1
ABC Steers #2
Angus Steers #3
Polled Hereford Steers #5
Polled Hereford Females #9
Overall Steers #15
Angus Bulls #20
Overall #69
Overall Females #95
Overall Bulls #129
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