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Update to our Breeding Plan and Goals (August 25, 2018):
I have been trying to develop animals with 40 day numbers of Topline 16, Hindquarter 16, Stifle 6, Capacity 14 and also have scores for bone of 12+ as well as a neck of 11+. I really like to see the stifle muscle at 6+. Some of the cattle I have recently tested indicate that it is possible to get Angus cattle to 17/17/6 on custom rations. To try and get these numbers, I am going to stop paying any respect to neck extension. I'll try to maintain 11.7+ bone. But, I really want to get 17/17/6/14 on the same animal as soon as possible and I will have to sacrifice something to make it happen. I have been selling short necks regularly, but those turned out to be some of the best cattle in the simulation.

Update to our breeding plan and goals (12/8/2018):
We are now able to produce animals with a composite score (Topline, Hindquarter, Stifle, Capacity, bone and neck at 40 days) of 78.0+ regularly. The current group of Floodwater, Willie, and Nike calves are hitting 17.5/17.5 for topline and hindquarter, 6.5+ for stifle, 15.0+ for capacity and 12+ bone. I am using animals as low as 10.5 neck and in some instances 11.5 for bone. My donors and sires though are currently averaging 17.0/17.0/6.3/14.8 with 12.0 bone and 10.8 neck. And some are exceeding each of these numbers as an individual score. I now think it is possible to produce Angus that are 18.0/18.0/7.0/15.5 with 12.0+ bone and 10.5+ in the next generation. In producing this next group, I am going to pay closer attention to the structure (frame, front shoulders, and hind legs) of my breeding herd. However, the highest composite score to date is Floodwater at 78.7 and does not excel at structure. In the next generation, I believe I can produce 81.0 for composite scores. I will always labor to share the genetics as the standards rise and am always willing to buy breeding stock from other breeders. If you guys are getting animals with stifle above 7.0 or capacity above 15.5, please let me know. I'd love to have a chance to buy some of your cattle to use on mine.

Thank you for your work at!

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Name Breed Sex Points
REX SUMMIT 913A Angus Female 2,544
REX IRIS 1004A Angus Female 1,318
REX SECRET 1015A Angus Bull 1,270
REX AUBREY 1022A Angus Female 886
REX ELAINE 1025R Red Angus Female 834
REX LIZ 1023A Angus Female 830
REX SADIE 1008R Red Angus Female 810
REX ASHLEY 1023A Angus Female 803
REX RESCUE MISSION 1022A Angus Bull 793
REX MAGGIE 1025A Angus Female 732
REX PAULA 1025R Red Angus Female 719
REX ASHLEY 1020A Angus Female 716
REX SADIE 1015R Red Angus Female 700
REX DOVER 1025R Red Angus Bull 640
REX ICE 1025A Angus Bull 623
REX TAMMY 1022A Angus Female 600
REX SHARON 1029A Angus Female 505
REX EVA 1022A Angus Female 500
REX SOAKED 1029A Angus Bull 483
REX CAROL 1011R Red Angus Female 465
REX PRO Oct18 17355278 Angus Bull 393
REX NIKE 1004R Red Angus Bull 361
REX ATLANTIC 1025A Angus Female 345
REX ROCKY MT 1029A Angus Bull 340
REX RICHMOND 1029A Angus Bull 313
REX PRO Oct18 17355251 Angus Female 310
REX TULSA 1029A Angus Bull 310
REX SANDY 1025A Angus Female 305
REX PRO Oct18 17355361 Angus Female 295
REX MAGGIE 1105A Angus Female 210
REX MAGGIE 1104A Red Angus Female 210
REX PATSY 1108R Red Angus Female 210
REX WILLIE 1105A Angus Bull 190
REX NIKE 1109A Angus Bull 190
REX LORA 1105R Red Angus Female 170
REX SURGE 1105A Angus Bull 170
REX LACEY 1105A Angus Female 160
REX NIKE 1108R Red Angus Bull 159
REX LIZ 1105R Red Angus Female 150
REX RIVER 1105A Angus Female 150
REX LORA 1105A Angus Female 140
REX LORA 1112A Angus Female 140
REX LIZ 1108R Red Angus Female 130
REX RIMTOP 1111R Red Angus Bull 126
REX WISE GUY 1108R Red Angus Bull 123
REX JANE 1112A Angus Female 120
Jacobs Oct18 17324451 Angus Female 100
REX AUBREY 1105A Angus Female 90
REX LIZ 1112R Red Angus Female 80
REX SHARON 1112R Red Angus Female 80
REX KIOWA 1112A Angus Female 40

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