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Welcome to the Limousin edition of Rex Ranch. All cattle are for sale and we are honored to help as you build or restock your herd.

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Name Breed Sex Points
REX 89 CAROL 815L Limousin Female 1,505
REX 92 CARLA 815L Limousin Female 1,419
REX ROSE 85 827L Limousin Female 1,153
REX 90 COLE 815L Limousin Bull 1,140
REX 94 CHARLIE 815L Limousin Bull 1,099
REX EXECUTION 95 827L Limousin Bull 953
REX DUTY 87 803L Limousin Female 929
REX MONEY 95 827L Limousin Female 800
REX MONEY 93 827L Limousin Female 625
REX HILDA 93 903L Limousin Female 449
REX 91 CINDY 815L Limousin Female 415
REX MONEY 92 827L Limousin Female 250
REX SS HOBO 93 903L Limousin Bull 235
REX BBPp 813L Limousin Female 165
REX WANDA 95 827L Limousin Female 155
REX 78 BBpp 88 827L Limousin Female 140

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None Available.

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