Riverfront Cattle Co.

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Focused on Hereford, Angus, Maine Angus, & SimAngus Genetics

Est. 2013

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
RCCo. MAn First Try 72467 Maine Angus Female 1,413
RCCo. MAn First Try 72105 Maine Angus Female 1,061
RCCo. AN Janet Angus Female 625
O.s.s New Muffin 7.1 Hereford Bull 598
RCCo. HH High Security Hereford Bull 525
RCCo. HH Jacob Fire Hereford Bull 480
RCCo. MAn Hill Country Maine Angus Female 451
RCCo. HH El Dorado Hereford Bull 430
RCCo. PH Gold Rush Polled Hereford Bull 400
RCCo. HH Happy Hour Hereford Bull 390
RCCo. PH Banana Split Polled Hereford Female 373
RCCo. PH Snow Moon Polled Hereford Female 370
RCCo. HH Late Night Hereford Bull 370
RCCo. HH Pour Some Sugar Hereford Female 275
RCCo. HH Crown of Stars Hereford Female 260
RCCo. AN Dirty Dancing Angus Female 260
RCCo. MAn Queen of NY Maine Angus Female 250
RCCo. HH First Lady Hereford Female 248
RCCo. PH Steven Tyler Polled Hereford Bull 240
RCCo. HH Southern Skies Hereford Bull 215
RCCo. AN Trophy Girl Angus Female 190
RCCo. PH Debutante Polled Hereford Female 190
RCCo. HH Acrobat Hereford Female 185
RCCo. HH Telecaster Hereford Bull 175
RCCo. AN 72105 5583 Angus Female 170
RCCo. HH Prom King Hereford Bull 155
RCCo. AN The Dealership Angus Bull 148
RCCo. RAn Smelly Cat Red Angus Female 145
RCCo. PH Amelia Polled Hereford Female 140
RCCo. HH Royals Hereford Bull 140
RCCo. PH Desert Rose Polled Hereford Female 125
RCCo. AN 72467 7628 Angus Female 115
RCCo. AN Daytona Girl Angus Female 105
RCCo. HH Stalker Hereford Bull 95
RCCo. HH Cow Tipping Hereford Bull 90

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
†PTR† LM NEW SOUTH 15 $250
Petey-Built Dark Horse 77.8 20 $225
RCCo. EX Hot Burnin Flames 5 $5

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
RR SCMD Ellie 6841 ET RR B Brother Bear 9486 ET 3 $750
General Info
Signed Up: 3/12/2013
Account Level: Standard
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Current Rankings
Missouri State #1
Hereford Bulls #1
Maine Angus Females #1
Hereford Females #4
Overall Bulls #6
Polled Hereford Females #7
Angus Females #8
Polled Hereford Bulls #9
Red Angus Females #15
Overall Females #18
Overall #18
Overall Efficiency #24
Angus Bulls #26
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