Riverfront Cattle Co.

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Focused on Hereford, Angus, Maine Angus, & SimAngus Genetics

Est. 2013

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
RCCo. PH Banana Split Polled Hereford Female 882
RCCo. HH El Dorado Hereford Bull 835
RCCo. MAn Dark Forest Maine Angus Female 691
RCCo. HH Scuba Diver Hereford Bull 390
RCCo. HH Double Trouble 63.4 Hereford Bull 360
RCCo. PH Double Zero Polled Hereford Female 350
RCCo. MAn Fancy Cat Maine Angus Bull 323
RCCo. AN Take Me Home 63.8 Angus Bull 280
RCCo. MAn Trump Tower Maine Angus Bull 278
RCCo. HH Layover Hereford Female 250
RCCo. MAn Second Attempt Maine Angus Female 230
RCCo. HH Sugar and Spice Hereford Bull 220
RCCo. HH One More Time Hereford Female 215
RCCo. RAn St. Patrick Red Angus Bull 212
RCCo. HH Night Club Hereford Female 200
RCCo. HH Take Flight Hereford Female 200
RCCo. MAn City Girl Maine Angus Female 176
RCCo. HH Club Rodeo 63.7 Hereford Bull 170
RCCo. MAn Vintage Ride Maine Angus Female 165
RCCo. HH Seeing Double Polled Hereford Female 150
RCCo. HH Heat Seeker Polled Hereford Bull 140
RCCo. HH Midnight Snack Hereford Female 135
RCCo. AN Sinatra 64.0 Angus Bull 125
RCCo. HH Dream Maker Hereford Bull 125
RCCo. HH Dreamer Hereford Female 115
RCCo. HH Midnight Munchies Hereford Bull 110
RCCo. AN Bling Bling Angus Female 85
RCCo. AN River Girl Angus Female 85
RCCo. AN Throwback Angus Female 75
RCCo. HH Border Patrol Hereford Female 70
RCCo. HH One More Shot Hereford Female 70
RCCo. AN Flashy Ring Angus Female 70
RCCo. HH Muffin Man 62.8 Hereford Bull 43
RCCo. HH Muffin Top 62.4 Hereford Female 30
RCCo. PH Top of the Line Polled Hereford Bull 30
RCCo. AN River Rat 63.1 Angus Female 5
RCCo. River Hair 60.1 Angus Female 0

Cattle for Sale

Name (Bids) Details High Bidder Current Price End of Sale
~DM~ Hollywood Track 68.2
1 Bids
Open Female
Franks $2,475 8/18/2018 12:23:01 AM
19 hours 58 minutes

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
†PTR† LM NEW SOUTH 15 $250
Petey-Built Dark Horse 77.8 20 $225
RCCo. EX Hot Burnin Flames 5 $5

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
General Info
Signed Up: 3/12/2013
Account Level: Standard
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Hereford Bulls #1
Maine Angus Bulls #1
Maine Angus Females #1
Missouri State #3
Hereford Females #4
Polled Hereford Females #8
Angus Bulls #10
Red Angus Bulls #12
Overall Bulls #13
Polled Hereford Bulls #14
Angus Females #17
Overall #23
Overall Females #30
Overall Efficiency #35
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"Angus & Hereford bulls and cows at auction!"
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"Opinions please"
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