Riverfront Cattle Co.

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Focused on Hereford, Angus, Maine Angus, & SimAngus Genetics

Est. 2013

Show String

Name Breed Sex Points
KLF American Made Angus Female 1,201
KLF Speed Wagon Angus Bull 914
RCCo. HH H Tundra Polled Hereford Female 710
RCCo. VQHC AN H 16529131 Angus Female 540
RCCo. MAn First Try 72467 Maine Angus Female 537
KLF Kitty Has Claws Angus Female 445
RCCo. MAn First Try 72105 Maine Angus Female 406
RCCo. PH Red River Polled Hereford Female 320
RCCo. HH Diamond Moon 61.5 Hereford Female 303
RCCo. HH Turkey Taco Hereford Female 245
RCCo. PH Crystal Clear Polled Hereford Female 215
RCCo. HH Fly A Kite Hereford Female 200
RCCo. AN Long Ride Angus Female 185
RCCo. HH Dream Team Hereford Bull 173
RCCo. HH Joses Princess Hereford Female 140
RCCo. MAn Hill Country Maine Angus Female 138
RCCo. MAn Wild Horse 67.2 Maine Angus Bull 119
RCCo. HH Moon Queen Hereford Female 118
RCCo. HH Prime Spice Hereford Female 115
TFPH Lovers Leap 773 Polled Hereford Bull 100
RCCo. PH Wall Climber Polled Hereford Female 95
RCCo. dereks PH Flight Club Polled Hereford Female 93
RCCo. HH Seeing Stars Hereford Bull 90
RCCo. HH High Security Hereford Bull 80
RCCo. PH Gold Rush Polled Hereford Bull 80
RCCo. PH Miss Priss Polled Hereford Female 75
RCCo. HH Frozen Margarita Hereford Female 75
RCCo. AN Throat Punch Angus Bull 70
RCCo. MAn Twin Horse 67.5 Maine Angus Bull 50
RCCo. MAn Back to Basics 67.1 Maine Angus Bull 50
RCCo. KLF RA Photo Finish Red Angus Bull 50
RCCo. PH Mississippi Girl Polled Hereford Female 45
OX2- Bugatti Hill 7.3 Angus Female 45
RCCo. HH PBandJ Hereford Female 40
RCCo. HH Midnight Rodeo Hereford Bull 40
RCCo. HH El Dorado Hereford Bull 40
RCCo. CH BamBam the Money Man Charolais Bull 35
RCCo. AN Basic 72467 Angus Bull 30
RCCo. PH Dearborn Polled Hereford Bull 30
RCCo. HH Olympic Athlete Hereford Bull 20
RCCo. HH Sasquatch Hereford Bull 15
Riverfront Cattle Co. Heifer Calf #16586096 Polled Hereford Female 10
RCCo. PH Frequent Flyer Polled Hereford Female 10
RCCo. dereks PH Cardinal Bird Polled Hereford Female 10
RCCo. HH Artistic Waffles Hereford Female 5

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
†PTR† LM NEW SOUTH 15 $250
HARV Jose Luna 64.4 10 $250
Petey-Built Dark Horse 77.8 20 $225
RCCo. EX Hot Burnin Flames 5 $5

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
RR SCMD Ellie 6841 ET RR B Brother Bear 9486 ET 3 $750
General Info
Signed Up: 3/12/2013
Account Level: Standard
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Current Rankings
Maine Angus Females #1
Missouri State #2
Maine Angus Bulls #2
Hereford Females #3
Angus Females #4
Polled Hereford Females #5
Angus Bulls #7
Hereford Bulls #7
Polled Hereford Bulls #12
Red Angus Bulls #12
Charolais Bulls #15
Overall Females #19
Overall #23
Overall Bulls #34
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