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Welcome to Run Buck Genetics!

Run Buck is the name, Herefords are the game!

Currently breeding Herefords to dominate the show ring! See something you like? Send me an offer! Calves being born daily and many others maturing for breeding use.

I use strict cull lines in my breeding program. If you have any questions about my genetics or Herefords, please let me know!

I will not purchase cattle for more than they are worth, so no tire-kickers please. Thanks!


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Name Breed Sex Points
«RBG»™ Red Bull HH Polled Hereford Bull 729
«RBG»™ GodShow 9.6 HB Hereford Bull 505
«RBG»™ Fly High 9.4 HB Hereford Bull 401
«RBG»™ Ranga Blues HH 9.4 Polled Hereford Female 260
«RBG»™ Desperate Loner HH Hereford Female 170
«RBG»™ Days Of Godzilla HB 9.4 Hereford Bull 160
«RBG»™ Prime Royalty 9.6 HH Polled Hereford Female 120
«RBG»™Devil In The Woods HH Hereford Female 5
«RBG»™ Middle Of Nowhere 9.3 Hereford Bull 0
«RBG»™ Peace Core HB Hereford Bull 0
«RBG»™ Thunder Tiger 9.6 HB Hereford Bull 0
«RBG»™ Miller Time 9.4 HB Hereford Bull 0
«RBG»™ Oct17 15659627 Hereford Steer 0
«RBG»™ Oct17 15659639 Hereford Steer 0
«RBG»™ Fall Eclipse 9.6 HB Hereford Bull 0
«RBG»™ Oct17 15659646 Hereford Steer 0
«RBG»™ My Time 9.5 HB Hereford Bull 0


Pen Name Cattle Options
Sale Recips 60 Offer
OGCC Feeders 4 Offer

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
«RBG»™ GodShow 9.6 HB 14 $25
«RBG»™ Red Bull HH 25 $50
CCc Royal Onion 7.3 66 $30

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
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