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Thanks for stopping by. I am rebuilding after stepping away from the game for quite a bit.

Breeding show steers, Maine Anjou, Charolais, & Herefords.

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Name Breed Sex Points
W-W Show Cull Maine Anjou Female 1,317
W-W Fancy Cull 77/74 Maine Anjou Female 515
W-W 77/72 Custom 14 Maine Anjou Female 506
W-W Custom Fed Red Maine Anjou Female 433
W-W Market Smoke SS Maine Anjou Steer 389
W-W 71.4 Primetime 5754 Charolais Bull 350
W-W 69.7 War Kitty 5549 Charolais Female 243
W-W Am Fuel SS Shorthorn Steer 243
W-W Custom Fed Smoke M Maine Anjou Female 240
W-W Game SS Shorthorn Steer 208
W-W Market Puff SS Maine Anjou Steer 208
W-W DK SS Shorthorn Steer 171
W-W Eagle SS Shorthorn Steer 161
W-W Custom Fed Seamaid Maine Anjou Female 143
W-W White Eagle Shorthorn Steer 131
W-W Custom Fed Rose Maine Anjou Female 100
W-W SM Market Maine Anjou Steer 70
W-W Smoke MA SS Maine Anjou Steer 0


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