If anyone does want embryos or semen from something on my ranch I will be happy to try and help. Just ask.

Prefix- SMTH


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Name Breed Sex Points
SMTH IMH KS Gold High Heels MX European Cross Female 2,529
SMTH IMH AN Angel Belle X European Cross Female 1,690
SMTH DA HU Mystery Hook X European Cross Female 1,488
SMTH BS DC Miss Felicity MX European Cross Female 1,086
SMTH SD RB Break On Me MX European Cross Female 1,077
SMTH IMH RP My Wish MX European Cross Bull 1,039
SMTH UF VP Black Panic MX European Cross Bull 1,021
SMTH FFR MS Royal Military X European Cross Bull 942
SMTH BS BB Round Here Buzz MX European Cross Bull 432
SMTH PH BR Harvey Dent MX European Cross Bull 383
SMTH FFR KS Who Next MX European Cross Bull 213
SMTH PH AB Young Gun MX European Cross Bull 205
SMTH PH DC Night Moves MX European Cross Female 140
SMTH PH CR Free Bird X European Cross Bull 80

Semen for Sale

Bull Straws Price
§DCC§ Night Rider 68121125CEF 3 $100
GCF COCO CRUSH 2702B 6 $100
SMTH BBB AM Small Special MX 15 $100
SMTH BBB DK Vegas Baby X 25 $50
SMTH BBB JN Bone Baby MX 25 $50
SMTH DA TS Hot Rod MX 25 $75
SMTH PN HP Party Higher MX 10 $100
SMTH ST GS Bad Grip X 25 $50
Tent New Night 67.4 25 $40
Tent Quick Draw 3 $70
TWT LCOC Mr Diamond 22 $100
YSC Generic 13.3 23 $50

Embryos for Sale

Donor Sire Straws Price
None Available.
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