Offer to Buy Pen (Bulk Offer)

Name Sex Market Value
G F BC Big Menace 215 Female $920.07
G F BC Z Pat 761 Female $910.29
G F MA Soldier 195 Female $852.01
G F MA Texas Ranger 404 Female $945.73
G F Old Time Rock And Roll 866 Bull $1,263.31
G F SA Accent 228 Female $775.33
G F SA Accent 229 Female $760.86
G F SA Chronicle 477 Female $1,060.90
G F SA HQ 296 Female $1,059.89
G F SS Class Clown 168 Bull $1,155.15
G F SS Diamonds Are Forever Bull $1,275.96
G F SS Kelly Fever 743 Female $788.63
GrassFarmer Bull Calf #15553340 Bull $1,478.46
GrassFarmer Bull Calf #15660284 Bull $539.61
GrassFarmer Bull Calf #15660285 Bull $548.81
GrassFarmer Heifer Calf #15660289 Female $442.96
GrassFarmer Heifer Calf #15660297 Female $436.06
Hayman SB Trading Paint 8508 Female $788.63

Pen Sales

While you can offer as little as 50% of the market value when buying cattle individually, you cannot offer less than 90% of the combined value in a bulk purchase.

Please note, pens are not the same thing as pastures. Pens are groupings of cattle that can be bought, sold, and eventually shown (once pen shows are up). Cattle in the same pen of cattle can be in different pastures. You cannot individually buy, sell, or enter an animal in shows if they are in a pen.

Offer to Buy

Minimum Offer: $14,402.41