Offer to Buy Pen (Bulk Offer)

Name Sex Market Value
Beefed UP Farms Bull Calf # Female $3,552.79
Bottoms Up Bull Calf # Female $3,703.97
Crazy LM Gold Shine 66.5 Female $4,410.29
G F CA 25 Cumulous 66.0 Female $4,164.65
Recip Only Oct18 17313040 Female $3,575.02
Recip Only Oct18 17316094 Female $3,699.52
Recip Only Oct18 17319236 Female $3,592.09
Recip Only Oct18 17322450 Female $3,360.78
Recip Only Oct18 17322573 Female $3,660.13

Pen Sales

While you can offer as little as 50% of the market value when buying cattle individually, you cannot offer less than 90% of the combined value in a bulk purchase.

Please note, pens are not the same thing as pastures. Pens are groupings of cattle that can be bought, sold, and eventually shown (once pen shows are up). Cattle in the same pen of cattle can be in different pastures. You cannot individually buy, sell, or enter an animal in shows if they are in a pen.

Offer to Buy

Minimum Offer: $30,347.32