January 2018 Ft. Stockton Showdown - Chianina Females

Cattle that did not place in the top ten are not listed in order.

Animal Owner Placing
Senior Heifer Calves
CCI Cecilia B76 Cattle Co. inc. Breed Reserve Champion
          Narrow topped. Needs some more hindquarter to compete here. Lacking a bit in the stifle. Not the right frame size for this group. The best bone structure in the class. The best front legs in the class. The best neck extension in the class.
CCI Sporting Sermon D54 Cattle Co. inc. 2nd in Class
          Thickest over the top. The best hindquarter in the class. The most correctly sized frame. A little incorrect up front. The best hing leg in the class.
CCI Spilled Blood C60 Cattle Co. inc. 3rd in Class
          The best stifle muscle in the class. A litte light boned compared to the rest of the class. Needs a little more depth of rib. I don't like how the hind legs are setup.
Senior Heifers
Igiso Blue Oyster Emmy 13 I Lithium Breed Champion
          Only animal in the class.