November 2018 Southwestern Stock Show - British Cross Females

Cattle that did not place in the top ten are not listed in order.

Animal Owner Placing
Junior Yearling Heifers
MVOWL Irius Wrong 707 MV Owl Ridge Breed Champion
          Thickest over the top. The thickest hindquarter in the class. I'd like to see some more stifle muscle here. The most correctly sized frame. A litte light boned compared to the rest of the class. Needs a little more depth of rib. The best front legs in the class. I don't like how the hind legs are setup. The best neck extension in the class.
MVOWL Dec Gold 140 MV Owl Ridge Breed Reserve Champion
          Just doesn't have it over the topline. Needs some more hindquarter to compete here. Not the right frame size for this group. The best bone structure in the class. The deepest animal in the class. A little incorrect up front. The best hing leg in the class. We would like to see a little more neck extension here.
YCC Atlas Wolverine Yellowstone Club Cows 3rd in Class
          The best stifle muscle in the class.
Senior Heifers
DGGF RB HEIFER BTC No.17088692 Double GG Farms 1st in Class
          Only animal in the class.